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Please allow me to boast my 11-0 record last week (11 losses, 0 wins). My best, ahem, worst wager run in my CFL history of placing wagers. Moving on...

The CFL Provincial rivalry Labour Day weekend is here. Trust me, outside of Grey Cup weekend, this week and next are the best the CFL has to offer its fanbase. Why? No matter the record, the teams pitted against one another this weekend, along with their fans, abhor each other to no end. This makes for fascinating fast paced football.

CFL Friday Night Football places Montreal (in the Province of Quebec) in Canada's Capital Ottawa (in the Province of Ontario) where the border between these two Provinces is wafer thin. Montreal slightly north of Ottawa. Back in the day, this may have been construed as French versus English, but in our present PC slash woke social climate, this aspect of the game is less expressed. These are the only teams that will not meet the week following this game. Montreal gets a bye, while Ottawa heads to B.C. to face the Lions. I am not going to provide any historical background statistics this week, but I will be making predictions, and they will be based upon the exact same method I used for every game last week. For this match-up:

Montreal Alouettes 42, Ottawa Redblacks 32

Saturday is a day of rest (go figure, only in Canada), but CFL returns in haste on Sunday when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (in the Province of Manitoba) travel to meet the Saskatchewan Roughriders (in the Province of Saskatchwan). These two Provinces border one another near the center of the Map of Canada. The Roughriders will travel east next week to battle the Bombers on their home turf. For this match-up:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23, Saskatchewan Roughriders 31

Finally, we have our two Inter-Provincial contests:

This rivalry has always been partial to me since I reside in the Province of Ontario. Since Ottawa (also in Ontario) is somewhat considered a bastard child of the CFL (leaving the league as the Roughriders [yes, they actually shared the name with Saskatchewan], returning as the Renegades, leaving again, and now back as the Redblacks) always having financial struggles, yet somehow (because this city is the Capital) finding their way back in. Sorry about the distraction, Ottawa tends to do, and be, that. A distraction. The Toronto Argonauts (Ontario) will drive 1 hour & 4 minutes to face their division & Inter-Provincial foe, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Toronto being the big city with entertainment & the business sector is obviously loathed by the Hamilton fanbase, in a city where blue collar steelworkers have taken pride in their "punch you in the mouth" brand of football. This, and next weekend in Toronto usually provide the most fun for spectators. For this match-up:

Toronto Argonauts 30, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27

The Edmonton Elks (formerly Eskimos, a name that paid tribute and showed acknowledgement & gratitude to the indigenous peoples in Kanata's far north) will not drive the approximately 4 hours, but more than likely fly to Calgary to play the Stampeders. Similar story here, whereby Edmonton is considered blue collar while Calgary is depicted as white collar. I have lived in both locations, and the former is, or at least was when I was there, very factual. Like two of the three games described above, these two will attack one another again next week, but this time, north. For this match-up:

Edmonton Elks 24, Calgary Stampeders 45

In summary, you may view my wager selections below:

Alouettes -7 (-105) and OVER 43 (-103)

Roughriders -4 1/2 (-102) and OVER 43 (-103)

Argonauts +128, +2 1/2 (-105) and OVER 44 (-108)

Stampeders -5 1/2 (-105) and OVER 42 1/2 (-105)

I would like to go 9 - 0 this week, preferably 9 wins, 0 losses tongue-out


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Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

In the parlance of my recent CFL selection article(s), you may comprehend the next brief passage:

We started our Labour Day weekend on Friday going 0 - 2 (0 losses, 2 wins) with a Montreal Massacre in Canada's capital city 51-29, good enough for the Als to cover as 7 point favorites, and absolutely destroy the posted 43 total.

After a pause in the action Saturday, phase two begins this evening in Saskatchewan at 6pm EST in my quest to follow up last week's 11-0 (11 losses, 0 wins) record, and achieve an 0-9 (0 losses, 9 wins) record this long weekend ending on Labour Day itself.

"May the 'riders from their saddles shoot down the visiting Bombers, trails of smoke streaming across the skyline for fans to delight from the stadium below."

Good luck everyone laughing


Chomp! Chomp!

The quest for perfection ended way too early as the Blue Bombers strafed the green 'riders from the sky in Saskatchewan 23-8 in what commentators & analysts described as a great defensive battle. Those who actually watched the game would better describe the game as being a tale of two useless QB's who would struggle to hit the broad side of a barn. This is the first time watching these two teams this season. The Roughriders entered this contest 3-0 while the Blue Bombers were 3-1, but witnessing these two teams play, it seemed more like a winless team facing a 1-3 team. I would imagine the Western standings will begin to flip flop as the season moves forward. Of course, my aforementioned determination may adjust once I see the Elks & Stamps collide this afternoon.

So now we are 2-2 so far this weekend, with 5 plays remaining today.

"May the Argonauts (2-1) sail to Hamilton (1-2) at high noon EST, and strike down the Tiger-Cats from the safety of their vessel."


"May the Elks (1-2) arrive in Calgary (1-3) at 3:30pm EST, and subsequently get stampeded back to Edmonton with their tails between their legs."

Good luck everyone laughing

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Chomp! Chomp! Cha-Ching!

Well. The Tiger-Cats defended their land with much aggression sinking the Argos boats at sea 32-19. Took a beating on the ML & ATS, but salvaged a win with the OVER 44.

We are now 4-5 with two plays remaining and the game already under way.

Good luck everyone :)


Chomp! Cha-ching!

So ends CFL Labour Day weekend 2021. All in all, from a wagering perspective, this was a mediocre, near break even weekend. From a handicapping standpoint, nightmarish.

The final game produced a 1-1 record as the Elks defeated the Stamps 32-20 in Calgary, winning the OVER 42 1/2, but handily losing Calgary ATS -6 1/2.

Final record was 5-6. I reiterate, a nightmarish result for anyone who followed or faded.

A good friend of mine (and many others on Pick Monitor I am sure), and previous Pick Monitor great, tucker19 , God rest his soul, stated it best. His words should be heeded for all who want to succeed betting on sports:

"It is better to be really, really good (win most of the time, or lose most of the time) than being really, really bad, a near 50/50 handicapper."

In other words, my 5-6 performance this week pales in comparison to my dominant 0-11 performance last week.

"If you are able to seek and identify a sports handicapper that consistently loses, then you better damn well hold on to their selections as much as you would a consistent winner... they are equally profitable."

As always, I am hopeful you found my writing to be entertaining, and perhaps bring about a chuckle here and there. When I feel inspired to write a series of passages within a forum thread in the future, I will most certainly do that.

Have a great day everyone, and best of luck to you all. laughing

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