Line.Com? How Many Users Still Here? 313 views How many users still here? Seeing The Contrarian post got me thinking about how many users are still active from when the site was

Talking about the good old days... Mike McClain was king of the forums back then.

I think it switched to Pickmonitor late in 2012. Just looking at the active members sorted by REP, I see more than I thought that go back that far.

Here are some that I'm sure of and I'll miss a few too.

Timothy Wynn, custom2006, The Contrarian, Chico1856 (Might be the longest active member) 3D Wagers, justwinners and patgall30 just to name a few. I know RenoChazz was active not that long ago too.

I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to see if the Wayback Machine could tell when I signed up. 9/19/2011

So who did I miss?


It's nice hearing those names. Great times for sure, the chemistry was exciting, I miss those days. It had a mixture of a analytical team with a smidgen of WWE. The Mike McClain in the bikini pic was a classic.


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