Mager Vs Harrison 187 views

Hi all,

TENNIS is back!

Mager is the fave here. Harrison didnt participate to the 2020 ATP world Tour - his motivation is questionable. Harrison is a good match for Mager in terms of style of play. He is at his best on clay but for sure has good chances again Harrison here. The market puts to much emphasis on the hard surface in Delray Beach.

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5:00PM Ryan Harrison vs Gianluca MagerGianluca Mager 2.08
6:07am Risked 2 units to win 2.16

Estimation 53%

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When will you make the next video Dave.. In case I might be able to offer good tennis picks?


It’s been all football videos lately. I’ve been trying to reach and build a target audience based on specific sports and have been getting some good results from it. When I would mix around the sports in the past the view counts were not very good. As football ends I will be making a concentrated effort to build another audience for basketball and then baseball. I will on occasion try to mix in other sports videos as well, like Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, MMA, boxing etc. but getting the process down to a science is still something that I’m working on.
Currently the football videos take about 10 hours to create/edit/upload. It could be faster, but football season affords a different window of time to operate with and also gives some freedom to get a lil more creative to find out what works and what doesn’t

As the channel starts to gain some real notoriety I would like to branch out to more sports by also having other people help with the content by having an expert that can really talk about sports that I’m not as familiar with. There is a plan, just need to execute with good timing.

Anyways since I don’t keep up with tennis as much if you could send me a message to let me know of upcoming marquee tournaments so that I can maybe try to prepare something that would help.


Your are welcome, Reno. The price went up by the start of the game which is not common with my picks - for no real reason as far as I know..

Good to hear about new marketing channels - your hard work is paying off. And yes, I realize tennis is challenging when it comes to your videos as in most cases odds are not available till say 20-24h before the match starts.

However, for the Aussie Open the situation can be slightly better =) Anyway during the early season estimations cant be sharp so cautious staking is a wise idea.


Actually the plan is to go for the mainstream sports to build a solid foundation of viewers and then branch off from there. I tried the shotgun approach last year and when it comes to sports that have odds posted the same day it is REALLY difficult to get everything done with enough time for people to have time to watch before games start. I wear many hats to get his done, so I’m just working my way toward creating a system that can maybe pop out a video in under an hour and half and still provide some quali

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I already did. I just haven't started posting anything on it yet lol.

Honestly each platform is like its own full time job. They don't exactly transfer over because they all have their own audience with different type of content that works for each. What works for IG doesn't mean it works for TikTok or Twitter etc.

So I am looking for people that specialize on each platform and would be willing to pay them for the business they bring.


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