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The 100 maximum picks are crap when there are 12 picks from the night that haven't been graded yet. Cmon PM!!!!!!!


I know it's been said on here many times before but a customer is looking for a tout who's shown they've been successful for at least 3 years and 1,000 picks. They also have to be picks in sports that a customer would actually bet on. Having picks graded immediately isn't going to make or break an honest business.


Nobody is buying picks anymore anyhow due to the whirlwind downfall of the world as we once knew it. People are either blinded by the veil of deceit and constantly worrying what the rulers will bring to light next, or those who are aware of what is going on, and attempting to prepare themselves in such a manner to separate themselves from the sheeple. All sports have descended into clown world, with phony suspensions, protocols, and once healthy athletes suffering from sudden heart issues and collapsing on football pitches all over the world. Wakey, Wakey, and I hate to say this, but sports betting is not the most important thing anymore, and I hate it too, but it is the truth.


Pickmonitor is a joke

Katie has pending picks that were placed after games were over

Just look at the picks from the Atlanta Hawks game from Dec 5 that are pending on Katie's account

Atlanta game started at 6pm eastern and Katie makes picks at 8:32pm eastern

Lmao you can see why he wants the picks to be graded asap

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Can anyone recommend a book that lets you place bets on games after they're over? I have a model that will probably work.

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Wait! But I thought Pick Monitor was the best tracker in the market lmao Yet it is obviously and tremendously flawed there is an epidemic of real (and potentially multiple fake) posters that are allowed to make fake wagers on games after they have started. A scammer's delight. Pick Monitor can't even do well what it advertises it does lmao


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