Mcgregor Vs Mayweather 485 views

Fuck no !

I can only give my opinion but I feel it's an exhibition type fight and is like a karate expert going to fight a champion Sumo wrestler.

I and everybody else will surely watch it but not for a C-Note !


Mcgregor's fighting style includes lots of kicks w/ ground work. His boxing is great but not exclusive. Mayweather is a very very good defensive boxer. Conor is only 29 but Floyd should finish this fight long before Round 9. Conor cannot outbox Nate and so you will all see him lose to Mayweather w/o doubt.

If Nate can beat Conor and Manny Pacquiao get beat bad by Mayweather then I don't see Conor KO'ing Floyd but I do see it vice versa. I feel the best bet here is the Under 9.5 and I am not sure if one can play the Under and Floyd as a parlay but I def like that parlay played small.

- MK

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I got tickets to see it at the movie theater. It's already sold out now. I know everyone is saying they aren't going to watch, but it really seems like everyone is going to watch.

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I'm taking a girl out to it too on a first date... well worth the 80 bucks. I'm also on the under.

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if anyone is interested in watching the fight on ur firestick box pc or tablet and phone send me a message

U can watch the fight and much much more for $8 and u have the Canelo vs Triple GGG too all for $8


Live Tv over 2000 Channels


I'm interested. I normally just grab a free link off of many places. I have Chromecast and am just on a laptop but

...but I will pay $8 if you tell me how and explain it to me a bit more. Thx!

PS... @Reno the Movie Theater sounds great and great idea for the first date. I think lol


Just an FYI Bovada has Mayweather at -375 compared to Mayweather at -600 here sounds like a good arbitrage to me

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