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Hey guys,

I've been working on adding live data on PM for the past few months. I added my prototype and would love your feedback. You can view it here :

Here's what I would like to know:

A) Do you like having that kind of widget? Does it bring you value or it's just taking space?
B) Is there any missing data that you would like to see?
C) Do you like the design?
D) Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm going to work on adding that kind of live data widgets for all major leagues starting with american sports. That data will also eventually help me implement new features and be independent of any bookmaker for the data feed.

You can view my new project here: ! I'm not advertising anything yet since it's only a prototype, but feel free to give me your feedback on that website also!

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Looks good. I would suggest making it avail. on a dedicated page instead of just the "Make Picks" page. Also, long-term, it could show how many units you have at stake on each game and show projected units won (per-game and for the day) based on in-game win probabilties.



Yes that's exactly my goal. When I have the major sports covered, I would add a button that is on every page (in the menu for example) with all your "in progress" plays with the current score and your expected units based on the probability.

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Michael, I'm all for improvements, but it's pretty easy to find the score of a game these days. And the win probability calculation websites are normally just based on score and situation of the game plus record of away and home teams. Very few of them consider the talent on the field, and those that try to usually use statistics that are worthless like pitchers ERA and hitters batting average.

With all the things that could be changed or improved on PM, it feels like wasted energy focusing on the score of a game in the 6th inning or telling me a team up 7-1 in the 9th has a 95% chance to win. I just don't see how any of that is useful.

Just my thoughts, others might disagree and like the new features.


Appreciate the comment Eppley, here's why I'm working on that. To be blunt, it's mostly about money.

1- PM makes most of it's revenue from selling the XML odds / scores. It's a feature that was asked for a while now from those paying my bills.

2- I got a government grant to work on that, again can't blame me for going after the money lol

3- The biggest risk of Pick Monitor is that it depends on bookmakers for it's data. If they shutdown PM shuts down. Adding a source of data that is proprietary to me, remove that risk

4- Long term, the mission of Pick Monitor is to help you make smart betting decision. I would like to eventually have a backtesting tool, simulator, etc. where we find edge based on our own analytics. All of this depends on information that I do not currently have. Playograf will allow me to move in that direction.

By the way, other features should be release very soon I'm wrapping up the testing this week.

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Well you didn't mention the money part! If it's making you money, of course it's a great idea. Those are the best kind.


Projecting estimated PnL per game/sport and overall would def be worth it. No other desktop site is doing this. Every bettor I have spoken to wants it. It would be great to have, say, 25 CFB bets and know at a glance what one's projected PnL is.

Re: #4, I would check out BetLabs for their interface. The data is pretty buggy and the price outlandish, but the interface is incredibly fast and easy to use -- the best even among all financial trading software I have used. Would be nice to see a competitor in the space.


@Evo yeah I already contacted betlabs in the past. They never got back to me, I wanted to offer some kind of partnership.

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I believe action network has PnL data but not positive since I am only using PM at this point. I saw a screenshot the other with projected earnings on our forum Michael. I will try to find it if you are interested in seeing the structure

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