My Bets Are My Actual Bets... 326 views

I know that my ROI is pathetic. However, I SWEAR I’m WAY up!!! LOL!

PickMonitor has no parlays, so I can’t document $73,000 hits (730u):

I can’t document $37 to win $1,000 7teamer +2658 parlays:

How TF do I document 25u on Barzola -172?!?

I can’t even wager Shevchenko 50u to win 5u without people saying that I’m pading stats (I KNEW she’d win, but didn’t want the drama of a 50u/5u on my sheet:

Essentially, I’m just saying that there will be a bunch of ridiculous bets in my history from now on, and I will GLADLY send you links to Bet$lip$ if you doubt their credibility. Good luck gentlemen!

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Michael. Me and MrSnipe combined accounts into Gambling Gods. He said he locked outta MrSnipe. I'm locked outta xPPx. WTF?!?


I'm not too sure what you are saying lol. Tell your friend to reset his password, xPPx isn't on a ban list.


I will DM you, Michael. Also, the day after the parlay hit, BCH forked from BTC. I sold the free 6.44 BCH, and rode the BTC from $1,000 up to $20,000/coin 3 months later. I never sold any to this day. It sits at around $11,400/coin now. SMFH...


Arbitration play$:

$1,000 to win $1,500 ROMERO

$230 to win $3000+ COSTA

IDGAF who wins. *$730 or +$2,000+ hit either way. A draw, no contest, or cancellation pays better I believe, tho...


I ain’t no MMA Master like custom2006. But I am kinda sorta +EV, so I roll with my #SlapYoMommaParlays instead of $traightBet$. *BlackMan Shrugging Emoji*


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