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Pacers tt over 105.5 -120 2 units

I think the Pacers will fight hard not to get swept and if they want to win the game they will probably have to score more than 106 points. As long as the team still wants to compete for pride and care about wanting to win a game im very confident they can score atleast 106 points. This is my best bet play of the day!!!


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krkr awarded 75 tokens for this post.

J.K.R. Nice Details with your write up.I ,with all due respect disagree and here is why It seemed that At times during the game and after it to me shown on the players faces is that they were throwing in the towel and and I am just taking a shot that they will try to compete.However,I wish you well on the over and I can also win.Good luck.Peace.K.R.


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My did not have the right ream yesterday but this had the right results.Today I repeat myself.while the game was going on and after the game portlands look on their faces was that they are throwing in towel and now todays line seems to reflect it.LA is who I going with.peace.K.R.


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