My New Project 25-12 13.02 Units 3 Days... 520 views


I know it isn't popular to advertise something in the forum, but about 3 days ago, I've launched (with the help of Mr. Joe Meyer at Killersports) a new package that I am extremely proud of. Super cutting edge stuff using the SDQL technology...

You can read about my part in it here...

I also did a PICKMONITOR forum link discount:

In a nutshell (if you follow my posts here), the new product compiles ALL of my Systems I use and in literally the loading time of a web page you can see all of them for each matchup at a glance. The systems, collectively are now 25-12 +13.02 units since the product launched. I've been showing screen shots each day for my subscribers. I've also put together an FAQ page for this new product:


Forgot to say, you need to create a free account at Killersports to buy it.

Here is an example of a system you might see in there:

Sample of Typical System (NFL): *Since 1989, teams without a single win in the second half of the season are 50-18-3 (+3.24 ppg, 73.5%) against the spread. That's 57-14-0 (80.3%) if you teased them and actually profitable on the moneyline as well even at just a 25-46-0 win rate due to the large return odds.

Take it to the bank...


This is the Holy Grail of sports handicapping! One button, completely automated, something I dreamed about but never thought I would actually see.

Fantastic, A++++++!


Thanks guys. We're still working out some bugs but it is about 98% there. We realized today that College sports need rotation numbers or else it takes too long to find what you're looking for. Killersports started with created by Mr. Joe Meyer. It is unreal what he has done and I feel very fortunate to be part of things with a true genius like Joe.


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