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I am proud to announce the release of a new feature! The first real big feature since I bought Pick Monitor, sorry it took so long.


There is now a new Pick Monitor currency called "Tokens". Tokens are here to provide extra value to your Pick Monitor experience at no extra cost! They help you buy picks for free, participate in contests and reward other users for their contribution.

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  • 100 Tokens are worth 1$ in discounts to unlock picks & buy non-business package
  • 15 tokens for a daily login
  • 25 tokens for making your first pick of the day
  • 50 tokens for your first post in the forum
  • 500 tokens when you win a monthly award

If you do some quick math, when you maximize the amount of tokens you will get more or less 30$ worth of free stuff. Not bad eh?

Tokens are not only about what you can get. It's also about rewarding other members for their contribution in the forum/blog if you think they deserve it due to a good pick analysis, a funny meme or just because you like the guy.

Step 1 - Click on "Reward this post"

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Step 2 - Enter the amount of tokens you wish to give

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Step 3 - Everyone will know how generous you are ❤️

tokens in header

I made this feature with one goal in mind: giving you an incentive to participate in the forum/blog. I want us to build a legit forum. I know that the current forum format with no categories does not help, but if I split the forum right now in different sections they will always be empty. When we get to roughly 20-30 posts per day I will break it down into different categories.

Last thing! "Tokens" really sucks for the currency name. I didn't have any creative idea. Give me ideas below and if one of you have something cool enough, I will award 10 000 tokens to the winner.


How about tokens for each time a paid All Access subscriber receives an alert with one of your picks, or when a Premium sub purchases one of your picks with tokens?


@evo These are good idea, I have no background in economy so I need to be careful how many tokens are in circulation. For now at 30$/month per user it's maybe even too much lol. Anyway I'll stick with the initial system for like 3 months and evaluate feedback based on how it's used.


Circulation is key and the system could easily crumble if over issued. There are some great Capper's out here but I would like to suggest "monthly" budget/allotment of tokens (ps, capper cash and pick pay points are my faves) I feel as if this motivates folks to be active and claim them early and offer which would really drive traffic and engagement. The system now is fair and with price changes should actually still net a profit. If you would like help on the economics of the token system let me know. I'll work up some ROI projections once you have a feel for actual volume. It may require a tweak down the road but this is an amazing start!! Thanks for the crazy amount of work lately! Super excited to be a memeber of a quality site and forum!


My suggestion to replace "token" is "chit"

Informal An amount of credit considered as earned, especially by favorably impressing one having power or influence: earned vital chits with his party's leadership by making fundraising speeches.

the free


Pick Bucks because it uses part of the sites name "Pick" so you could use same font and color as the logo ,increase branding power of new logo and name recognition. In Theory

Like less but work similarly

Pick Points / Pick Money


CapperCoins. Easiest $100 I’ve ever made...

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