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New York state of mind with my picks today!!!

Yankees ml -115

Islanders ml -110

Yankees ml

This pick is just based on the value on the Yankees today, its not often they are only short priced favorites against bad teams but thats what we are getting today. New York does have a few key bats out of the lineup however I still believe their hitting is better than Texas even missing a few guys. Cory Kluber threw a no hitter yesterday so the Yankee bullpen should be rested and ready today. Domingo German is starting to return to his 2019 form and with a rested bullpen behind him I love this Yankees spot. LETS GO YANKEES

Islanders ml

I believe the Islanders opened as favorites here for a reason. Everyone seems to be on the Penguins today and I cant really blame them, they are the more flashy team and have the more known names however the Islanders have better goaltending, defenceman, coaching and have only lost a handfull of games at home ALL SEASON. Oh ya there will finally be FANS again in New York tonight. I believe they can feed off the atmosphere and send the New York fans home happy tonight!!! LETS GO ISLANDERS

LETS GO NEW YORK!!!! And lets get to some more winners today


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bro relax they were just 2 free picks and to be honest my hockey record is better than it looks on here i promise i love to bet teams that would normally be like -160 on the ml but take them in to win in regulation at say -110 but pinnicle doesnt offer that bet on here to do and I dont claim to be an amazing baseball handicapper but i am improving and up a few units for the season but i make alot of money betting nba and nfl also nba and nfl player props i dont see why you need to be coming at me for offering a free pick with writeup if you dont like it or agree with the pick feel free to fade me bro but i dont see the need to be rude about it look at my nba numbers and at the average odd per pick im not some guy who pads his stats with big ml favorites just like to share advice.on what i like and why


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Regardless of anyone's record on here concerning any sport, any member of PickMonitor is welcome to do a writeup on the games of the day. I appreciate any and all information especially from anyone who may do things a bit differently than me since it will force me to look at both sides and maybe, just maybe I can pick up a tidbit of info that I may have missed which in the long run may save me some units. The writeups work two ways, either as a go to play or to fade. Either way, it benefits me.


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95% of bettors do exactly the same thing so of course they all lose. But if they read a post that says all the things they agree with they give it a big thumbs up. Hey I think the Yankees are good so i agree with that guy or hey that team lost the last game so of course they are due to win today. Just like on FB and twitter. Same thing on here.

If someone who actually knows what they are doing tried to tell the 95% crowd they are clueless then they would all hit their thumbs down button. Anyone who actually wins will not be doing the same things all of you are doing but why would he stay here and put up with all of you? Misery loves company and you all are in perfect harmony. Now I see why all the posts are always from the red numbers crowd. The few guys on here that have green numbers after 1000 picks don't post and now I understand why. That's to bad cause I'd love to hear their insights. Instead it's just the same crap on here as on FB about how you gotta put the Yankees in your parlay today. Lol this site isn't what I thought it was. I'm out


I don't know of anyone on here that would get a thumbs down for posting an opinion on an upcoming game regardless of their past record. The thumbs down are prevalent when the response doesn't relate to the subject such as attacking someone for posting a pick when their record is perceived as sub par or general nonsense that is unrelated to the posting. It's okay to disagree with someone, you sift out the good & the bad handicappers and make your selections accordingly and move on. However, anyone who writes a crude response which does not contribute to the forum deserves a thumbs down for that reason alone & not because of any insider conspiracy.


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