Nice Job On Censoring My Post After Being A Member Here For 9 Years 1,976 views

If my post offend folks, please allow them to down vote my post in to oblivion! No need for you (Michael) to censor my post and delete them ;-) (you must fear the TRUTH?)

By the way, research CoronaVirus is a HOAX as it is 100% a HOAX ;-)

(Michael is censoring my post on my other account ... custom2006)

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His minion, dave, banned evo34 from posting for allegedly "not being positive enough."

This site has been in freefall for a few years now.


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I am in 100% agreement with custom2006. We should not be censoring information being provided to the community that is not racist, illegal, etc. Custom2006 is merely providing information substantiated by sources. People may think for themselves and decipher their own meaning from the information being provided.


btw custom, I began hearing about this stuff last week, and the media continues to push the narrative that it is bad for you, untested, and only a vaccine is the answer (being pushed by Gates, Fauci, and other individuals that do not care about people, only power). This is fantastic information, and could save lives... why would this be censored? Unreal. Keep pushing this information custom, God bless, and be well.


Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it! Friends, this is NOT a conspiracy theory! I have posted many, many Doctors and Scientist speaking the truth about this HOAX in my now, deleted thread (actually, the snakes did not delete it, because I can see it and still post in it, but no one else can see it) ... so, I kept sharing information / videos in that thread, but I began to wonder what was going on with no debate or up/down voting happening, so I logged in to my NFL account and presto ... I could not see that thread in the forum anywhere!!!

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.... and no sooner than completing the post above and I see another Doctor has come out speaking the TRUTH!!!

Post hidden due to low quality. Show it.

LMAO... evo34 was shut the fuck down after we caught him using multiple accounts to down vote other people’s post and essentially remove them from circulation. He was discouraging activity and taking it upon himself to be judge jury and executioner of what was to be considered good content in the forum. This is after years of him calling out other people for using multiple accounts.
Yes we are trying to maintain a positive environment and encourage activity. If you are simply here to be a heel and cause problems get a life. Good constructive criticism is welcome, don’t get it twisted tho, we aren’t gonna be anybody’s cushion

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There is an abundance of pertinent and important information in this video if you are able to skip through the first opinionated story about Kobe Bryant. It may be preferable to skip to 7:30 of the video.



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So evo34 isn't Patrick or Michael? I thought it was a certainty. Evo34 is not a big fan of freedom of speech. Objectivity is a huge gambling factor. Bernie is a bookie now taking action on Israel basketball.


There are numerous videos online now from around the world of these costume laden phonies with badges violating people's human rights thinking they have some vested power over people... sickening thugs... but I do like the way this guy handled them.


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The Order Follower ALWAYS bares more Moral Culpability than the Order-Giver, because the Order Follower is the one who actually performs the action, and in taking such action, it actually brings the resultant harm into physical manifestation. Order Following is the Pathway to EVERY form of Evil, Tyranny and Chaos in the world! It should NEVER be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a Moral Human Being. Order Followers have ultimately been personally responsible and Morally Culpable for EVERY form of Slavery and EVERY single Totalitarian Regime that has EVER existed on Planet Earth!


I'm a Capitalist - what scares me is the poison that comes across our boarders that cause virus and stops our way of life - down vote down vote - ban - down vote - no freedom of speech - quick down vote - please


I will just say be careful what you read on the Internet for both sides. Most everybody knows somebody in the medical field, its best to consult with them. Unless there is a Doctor in Pickmonitor that bets games and uses it can actually give a scientific opinion, then you need to take both sides and everything you hear with a grain of salt.


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