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LOL ... the links above use sources from CDC and John Hopkins University, both who are Government or are involved with Government and/or Event 201, which foreshadowed this HOAX back in October!

Hmmm, then we have the ole Left vs Right paradigm of controlled thinking, lol! Funny, Trump is in charge of "Operation Fast Track" and he fully supports a Vaccine for the CoronaHOAX, (and other Vaccines) yet, you think Democrat this and the Left that?

Both of you need to watch what the Nobel Laureate Prize winner in Chemistry, in 1993, for the INVENTION of the CoronaVirus TEST, has to say about all of this ...


Of course Trump supports a vaccine...he's the President...besides can't debate with you anyway (Custom) ask others to offer their opinion and then you just laugh them off and stick to your conspiracy BS...your opinion is the only thing that matters to go ahead and believe your nonsensical theories.


Your facts and your whole argument is basically a straw man argument at best...the problem with a straw man argument is that it requires a leap of faith and has no logic to support it. So go ahead Chicken Little and keep on believing your nonsense.


Ummm, I started the thread and I have stuck with the subject matter and I have been consistent! A StrawMan argument is when someone tries to change the subject matter or deviate from it. Here, I will assist you with that definition, so that you can fully understand it, before you accuse someone else of something that you do not understand ...

"A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent" ...

I and others, have posted video after video, with tons of evidence and logic to back up our claims! Please, do explain how that is a Strawman argument???

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@LongBeachSports.... Blindly following the BBC is the real leap of faith. You're so brainwashed you can't even take the time to google all the times the BBC has been exposed. Along with every other MSM government sponsored propaganda. Stay asleep and ignore this thread. Go back to the TV Programs (It's called programming for a reason) and believe what you want. Or don't, but ignore the posts. It's not for you as you have no critical thought. Just think and do what the box that sits on the wall tells you.

Please everyone stop responding to @LongBeachSports. Just ignore him and think about The Mark Twain quote "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"


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@LongBeachSports This will be my last response to you unless you take me up on the offer below.

#1 Instead of making logical arguments about the BBC being credible, you simply throw out an Ad Hominem attack. So you can't use the principles of sound logical arguments and therefore fall back on accusations to avoid proving your original point about the BBC. This is misdirection and merely a smokescreen to hide behind.

#2 I haven't downvoted you once friend. I will urge you to seek information from the administrators of the site to confirm if Custom and myself are the same. So let's make a bet on it. If I'm proven right, and I'm not the same user a Custom, then I have carte blanche to down vote every post you make with no bitching or crying from you. Bear in mind that I have the 3rd highest REP of active members, so If I downvote you your post will be hidden. If I'm proven wrong, I'll send $1,000 to PayPal or any other payment processor of your choice and will up vote every post you make. Plus, I'll never post anything ever again. Want to make the bet? I eagerly wait for your excuse for not taking me up on the bet.


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Here's some truth through comedy from George Carlin (1937-2008) and relates bang on today. Tucker19 would always let me know that George Carlin was his favorite comedian of all time... and for obvious reasons. Check out Brian Young (High Impact Flix) below for a snippet of Carlin's catalog of genius humor dowered in truth:


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LOL ... I'm a Liberal??? I voted for Bush in 1988 and Ross Perot in 1992 & 1996 and Bush 2 in 2000 ... then, around February 2002, I woke up and I have yet to participate in theater, deception and fraud ;-)

Sure, your "buddy" and "Hydroxy", lolol!

By the way, your MASTER Trump is against borders ...

Donald Trump in 2013: "We Must Leave Borders Behind Because The Future of The US Depends On A Cohesive Global Economy"

... but he sure does appreciate foreign slave labor for his personal investments ;-)

Trump businesses have hired over 600 foreign workers since Donald Trump’s campaign for President, even as he railed about American jobs going to foreigners ...

Link for Trump's application to US Labor Department ...

... and last, but not least, Donald Trump exposes Donald Trump on many, many, many issues, from invading Iraq, to Abortion, to Hillary being "so talented", to the LOLOLO about the wall, to yes and no to federal healthcare to yes and no to Qaddafi leading Libya, to Trump claiming to being a Conservative to Trump identifying as a Democrat, to Trump LYING about most everything he has EVER talked about!

Keep playing along Bum, they need sheople like you to justify and validate everything that they do!

Trumpturds, you are far worse than the Obamaturds ever thought about being ...


I ducked into here to see this? OMG. The wheels .... What we have here is the new culture of the site. Progress, sometimes good, sometimes ....


Not be around much anymore, I always considered evo as the Sgt. of Arms of the site. I am sure his multi profiles was an attempt to play street cop on the site. Newer people around here probably don't realize that some of us, including me, were mods and took pride in policing the site. Evo uncovered a lot of crap with guys doing a variety of BS things. What Dave needs to remember is the users of the site felt ownership here. Nonetheless, progress continues. I do miss my times here, they were plentiful and meaningful


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