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I now have time to start a thread about this topic. The story started with the the NJ Attorney General releasing a statement that he and his office had barred prosecution of sports betting. This was backed by senator Ray Lesniak. This is not able to be blocked by Governor Chris Christie.

Stop the presses. NJ AG declares sports betting at casinos and racetracks legal under my legislation. I'll take The Giants to cover tonight.

The question came up pretty quick about Chris Christie being able to block this.

nope. AG says my legislation implicitly repealed our sports betting laws at casinos and racetracks. Mazal Tov!

Since this time the governor issued a directive letting casinos & racetracks offer sports betting at both.

Chris Christie quote- "previous federal court rulings found nothing in New Jersey law that would prohibit casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting. He said they can start providing the services without fear of criminal or civil liability immediately, if they like."

The bill that was passed in NJ has no way to be blocked from the federal government at this time.This is what the justice department has said about the potential law.

U.S. Justice Department wrote in its legal briefs that the federal law does not "obligate New Jersey to leave in place the state-law prohibitions against sports gambling that it had chosen to adopt prior" to the law's adoption.

This is fantastic news for NJ & anyone on the east coast. NJ has had 3 casinos close this year and another one is closing at the end of this month. This also opens the door for other states to challenge sports betting laws in their state as well. Time will tell how long it takes til the first bet is placed legally in NJ. The proverbial cat is out of the the bag with what happened today. This is now inevitable and will not be stopped in the long run.

It is a good day it the sports betting community IMO.............


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Saw this posted by ATS Bet Code in other thread:

About Gov. Christie approving, news is stating "But his action is likely to be challenged in court by the professional and collegiate sports leagues that fought New Jersey's efforts to overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states."

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I would trust this way more than offshore, this would be awesome. But I don't live near NJ.

This is not about betting online. This is casino's being able to offer sports betting at their locations. The answer would be yes, you do need to be a NJ resident to gamble online. The casino's could offer sports betting at their casinos and that would be open to all.

The professional sports leagues could ask a federal judge to stop NJ sports betting. There is no indication that a judge would go against state law or against what the US Justice system has already said on the issue. The last time the pro leagues sued NJ saying they were violating PASPA ( Professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992) . This was argued during litigation and judges have said that it only bars states from actively sponsoring sports betting, not from remaining mum and simply letting casino's & racetracks do what they will.

This is where the the NJ attorney general found the loophole. If he does not stop or prosecute any organization for offering this, whats gonna stop them. The US district judge that presided over the first case was interviewed today. He said the following- "Some gaming attorneys call the approach a creative workaround to the federal ban; others say it’s a bizarre end-run around the law"

With what Adam Silver said the other day, I doubt the NBA will try to stop this. This is a loophole that they the legislators and attorney's have exploited. They can slow it down for sure, but can they stop it?

Link to PASPA below....

Who will go first? If I was a business owner, I might be a little shy to risk my business on something that's so unsure, especially since sports betting is at the bottom of gambling profits. It seems like big risk little reward, for the casino owners.

Caesars and CEO Gary Loveman would be my best guess. It's more about drawing people into the city anyway they can. The city is dying and needs anything they can get. The hotels, restaurants, bars are all struggling to stay afloat at the moment. It would not be just about betting revenue. Its a reason to get New Yorkers & Pennsylvanians back to the city. Pennsylvania overtook NJ last year in gambling revenue and is only behind Nevada now. I know this as I live in Pennsylvania and wont bother going to NJ unless they offer sports betting. Why drive an extra hour when I'm 30 mins from a Casino/Track. I would be inclined to drive the extra distance for sports wagering. I only have one friend that go's to AC anymore. The rest just stay home at a local casino and wager with a bookie or online.

Living in the state you live in Reno, you can't see what east coasters see. They are starving for legal sports betting. It is just to much trouble for Vegas anymore. Flights & Hotels have gone up way to much to just hop on a plane and hit Vegas a few times a year.

I think the casinos will jump all over it Chazz,it will bring the crowds back in on the weekends and we all know they will drop money at the tables as well as the sportsbook,New Jersey needs this bad,i just wish Cali would follow suit.

Sources Say Trump Taj Mahal Casino In Atlantic City Is Poised To Close

This was in the news last friday. The Taj is the 3rd largest casino in AC behind the Borgota & Caesars. Between the 4 others that closed this year, this would be a death blow. Think the movie rounders and they roll down the escalator @ the Taj and play against Johnny F-ING Chan. It's almost a too big to fail casino and would have a ripple effect.

Christie had a meeting tonight with casino executives, and word is that he got commitments.
Big news indeed. I expect other states to SLOWLY follow suit. States are all far too broke and there is far too much money to be made. Video poker was legalized in IL a few years ago and now nearly every bar in the state has machines. It has been a huge windfall for the bar owners and is paying for a large amount of new road construction in the state. Online poker is slowly crawling back to life, lotteries have moved online, and not the NBA commish is finally speaking the truth. It will a long hard battle but I project in 10ish years there will be a handful more states with legalized sports wagering. The internet and ease of access is forcing legislators to give up the prohibition that never worked and never will work.
Joe Asher the CEO of the American branch of William Hill has said they are reviewing and most likely moving forward as if it is a done deal. William Hill runs Monmouth Park in NJ.
Other countries are making a lot of millions off all u.s pro leagues even collegue leagues and its illegal to bet inside the u.s, thats a big irony, las vegas owners and their big monopoly pushing the gov to dont allow betting. Here in my country mlb is like 90% of the income of any serious sportsbook. Betshops like uk should be legal at states.
If everyone follows suit will it really help New Jersey in the long run? I know it would hurt Nevada if Cali followed, Nevada's already hurting from all the Indian casinos. I imagine though, if sports betting was legal nation wide, the tout industry will explode over night, and so would sites like pickmonitor, which would be awesome. One door closes another door opens, that's what I love about free markets.

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Part of what killed NJ the last 5 years is Pennsylvania. I have 2 casinos no more then 30/40 minutes away in either direction. Plus two more as I get towards Philly about 50 mins away. When it was just slots it wasn't that bad for NJ. Then they added Poker and table games and rest is history.

The other problem became AC not wanting to give out the free rooms and comps. I used to get 10 free nights a month every month for years.(Except Holidays) This was not that hard to get at one time. Then as they lost business they tightened the comps instead of offering more. They would have half the casino filled and would not give up a room. In that case why would I not just drive 30 minutes and gamble in a PA casino.

Same thing here. Sacramento is about 90 miles from here, and the Bay area is about 180 miles away. They put up some really nice Indian casinos in Sacramento, and it hurt this area pretty big. We got Sports betting, loose comps, legal prostitution, and good skiing keeping us going though. If Jersey is really hurting why not go after the weed money too?

[loose comps, legal prostitution]

I would prefer illegal comps and loose prostitution

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I think if your forced to bet on sports in person it will give Atlantic City the lift it needs. I honestly believe the down fall of Atlantic City is the reason sports betting is being considered. Otherwise, Atlantic City will completely collapse in my opinion. I'm getting excited. I better learn how to handicap soon.

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