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Seek that which is hidden, not what is already visible.

The following article is no more than my opinion and not to offend anyone in any way shape or form. I am always pleased to hear what others have to say regarding ideologies that are in conflict with mine.

Like many words in the English language, "noise" is able to take on many different contextual meanings. In the world of sports handicapping, this word not only takes on the form of sound but also information.

Noise can be the seemingly infinite statistics available to the public via the internet, and many other forms of media, such as radio and television, and even friends or overheard conversations. Take heed of these forms of noise and avoid them. You have your own brain to discern what is valuable information and what are scraps being fed to the general public. Create your own hypotheses then perform the required research & development to determine if your theories will, in fact, create a feasible pattern of long term success.

The most important information on earth is not available to the public at large for obvious reasons. Information is power. There is a theory (sarcasm intended) that our governments withhold information and technological advancements from us, and that the known achievements in technology are always at least 10 years ahead of what is available to the population.

If publicly reported sports statistics are so important, then why are they so easy to locate and utilize. The answer is simple. They don't mean anything when displayed in their raw form. You can think of all these bits & pieces of statistical data as a seemingly infinite puzzle structure that you, the sports bettor, must derive meaning from the congruent nature therein when attempting to place this information in a format that not only appears logical, but also permeates success in their historical nature.

Once you have found something that is unique, successful, and not publicly available, then you have the foundations to succeed in sports betting so long as you have mastered the art of patience and discipline, regardless of whether or not you favor a high volume or low volume approach to handicapping. Without those two final traits being followed religiously, you have nothing more than a successful system that will most certainly fail.

Good luck everyone !

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