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40-10 +25.35 units - Moderate lined home favorites. Not too big. Not too small. They bring in a crowd and fuel off of it.

Look for a home favorite of -175 to -127 playing their first game of the season.

SDQL Text: game number = 1 and HF and line < -126 and line >= -175

It has worked 10 out of the last 11 seasons going 5-1 +3.6 units last year and 4-1 the year before, 3-0 the year before that.

I think this one is worth sharing because I'm normally so much heavier on dogs in the first part of the season.

The reason being: we don't know anything about these teams so based on that fact alone (and in theory of course) each game is a coin flip early on....raw numbers don't really start working until about 15 days into the season because there isn't significant data for the current season to go off of. On the other hand, FOR FAVORITES WE HAVE SPOTS. Spots they can find themselves in like this one.

Why / When would a favorite do well for your pocketbook in the dog month of April?

Answer is when they're at home in their first game of the season getting support from the home crowd.

Also, imagine if your first game of the season in MLB is as a road dog.

Anyways, I like dogs a whole lot more early on...perhaps we'll run a smaller parlay based off this system or just use it as a filter.

Let me know if you guys have any other interesting systems for MLB!

Will share more of mine in exchange...

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...and I hope you all have a great 2015 MLB season!

Sorry, haven't posted much lately. Will share more MLB stuff from time to time.


The first couple weeks of MLB can be challenging. I try to limit the quantity of picks by betting only favorites during the first week. I found the same is true in NFL. The anomaly may be related to travel and home field advantage.

The goal is to get into May with a decent bankroll and have all the kinks worked out. It's important to remember that there are a lot of games played during the season. It's better just to make small wagers the first couple weeks. I use the first couple weeks to work on eliminating errors and working on procedures.

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Yeah, similar thing here. I don't really get into it much until the 15th or 20th of the first month, but I feel that anytime before both teams in a matchup have gotten 18-20 games under their belt, the dog is the fairest thing to bet. Favorites do have their spots early on. Good luck this season CGP.


Here's a good one in MAY for you:

Home division dogs in May are 203-213 +41.6 units since 2004.

It gets better if they are playing the same opponent and just beat that opponent.

Nice to bet dogs that hit above or around 50%

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