Orioles Vs Blue Jays June 12th 2019 136 views

These are my favorite type of games to bet. The games getting very minimal public attention. Both teams bring out awful pitchers. The Over Under is set at 11. Personally I'm leaning over. What's your guys favorite type of game to bet? Also, what's your opinion on this game?


For Baseball personally I like games that have Under umpires (Umps that have 55% or more games go under Like Ron Kulpa, or Vic Carapazza) combined with and under stadium or dome like tampa bay or wrigley when the wind is blowing in on a cold day. Combine these things and you have a great bet. I have a system for under umpires at wrigley with temps under 60 degrees and wind blowing in from center in that has hit 64% since 2007. Most of these games appear to the public to be an easy over bet and the lines are normally set around 7 to 7.5 but they are amazing under plays.

for that game today you mentioned I don't really have a play. There has been a steam play and a reverse line move on the under not to mention that at the time of this post 67% of bets are on the over but only 44% of the money. This indicates to me that there is some sharp money on the under. Again for me I don't love betting the under with the pitching but i don't like fading the sharps either so for me its not a play either way. Just my thoughts on it.


there’s been a change with Toronto’s pitcher (FYI) so crucial to be patient with these games.


If games listing E. Jackson were not voided, just use Report Grading Error and click Mark as Cancelled.


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