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I checked with Alexa last night after reading your post Daltonis. I was surprised as well that PM is not so far off with some of the bigger sites. Another left off your list of forums is SBR. I have joined others in the past but did not stay around long ,but currently joined again the same day I signed up here. What I have noticed here a PM is that users are not bombarded with trash talk or immature demeaning comments from users that elect to be azz wipes rather than state their opinion in a non offensive way. As a new member here I honestly can say that I'm very pleased with the site and it's simplicity. I've read through many of the forum threads and it seems that the users here are very informative and non offensive to other members when opinions differ. Any one that has had a account with SBR,Covers and a few others have witnessed abuse from other members whether directed at them or other members. I was hesitant to sign up at those sites again ,but did and plan to just post plays and not mingle with other members. It's unfortunate that it has to be that way but I believe the stage has been set with those sites and changing will not be something that users will see any time soon. PM may not yet be at the top of the ranks currently ,but I could see that happening with a little work. As stated above by a couple members the interface design of the site and it's lack of contest or other forms of keeping members in the loop with each other is very limited. As far as the design of the site ,I truly like the simple easy to use format. However a few adjustments could easily be made to appeal to new traffic checking in to see what PM is about. That is a easy fix. As far as contest or other forms of activity to keep members active and familiar with one another should also be addressed and if handled correctly will have a great impact for new and current members. Personally I would love to see PM grow and become the site where Cappers/bettors and sports fans alike visit to not only get very informative perspectives ,but to also participate in a few unique contest that have rewards in one form or another. When you have a clean site with members that keep the peace and are friendly with one another regardless of how differently their opinions may vary, in time this will appeal to the real capers/bettors and sports fans. By real I mean guys/gals that just want a place to go and get a positive feeling while being on the site and interacting with other members. I see this being very possible for PM and would love to help in any way to assure it does take place. PM can be the premier site for users wanting a friendly place to get the information they are seeking. From what I've witnessed so far - the stage is set for this to happen. My experience so far has been fantastic and I'm certain I will be a member here as long as PM is active.

WOW! Viewing your initial post on this thread you created, I now remember like it was yesterday even though this was 8 odd years ago. What the "F" happened to this world? I get somewhat sentimental just seeing the posters on this thread, and realize how much I miss Tucker. Thanks for linking this to my post @Daltonis, gave me some good memories :)


Kind of funny how everyone claims they can hit 70% against the spread in their sleep but just can't be bothered to document it. Right.....


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