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Now that the NHL season has ended for me and the advent of the Major League Baseball season has begun, I always take time to remind myself of the first and foremost characteristic that must be personally enforced at all times to allow for the best opportunity to achieve success. I hope you don't mind me doing this publicly. Being able to shake things off is a necessary requirement since there is no avoiding down cycles. They are part and parcel if you choose to enter the sports betting arena.

The ability to emotionally detach yourself from the games or events you are wagering on will serve you greatly. I have found that the best way to protect yourself from falling along the wayward avenue of "shock betting" (attempting to recover losses quickly) is to not just know, but fully understand, this is a long term investment process. Set a plan and have end goals in mind, wager as if you were a marathon runner with the prize at the end of a time parameter you set for yourself. This could be a week, month, year, quite possibly even years. In doing so, you are effectively training your mind to cope with the ups and downs that everyone, even the best sports bettors, forecasters and handicappers, suffer through.

Make no mistake, this is a mind game. You must be able to avoid traps that you have absolute control over. The sports books already have a significant advantage over the player with their ability to set favorites and totals coinciding with how much "juice" is being administered for every dollar you wager. It is imperative you do not concede the primary advantages (patience, discipline, and self control) you have if you are willing to enforce them upon yourself.

Thank you for your time and always remember... "Plan your work & work your plan". Have a great day everyone !


Great post Timothy. If I had to pick the most surprising lesson I've learned on pickmonitor, having a losing day or days means nothing. Everything that surrounds winning and losing days means everything.

One example would be - we always hear about the importance of money management. Money management is hard to conquer. Heck, how many times do I go grocery shopping and overspend? Countless times. You hear stories like, eat before you go shopping - stick to your grocery list.

Money management certainly make a sports handicappers life much easier. That's why a profitable handicappers bankroll is structured in a way that's easy to manage. I think the word tilt is used as an easy way to solve your problems. You're told to avoid tilt and you'll be better off. How do you avoid tilt? I never hear about tricks that would be helpful in terms of avoiding tilt. There must be a method to help you exercise your brain to deal with whatever causes us to go on tilt. Tilt involves emotions and frustration. I can't give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, TILT.


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