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Prior to every upcoming game, NFL coaches are doing the exact same thing through the course of each week in preparation for their upcoming opponent.

What do they do? Simple. Watch game film... miles & miles of game film.

They observe, notate, and examine each participating player's skill set and attempt to create match-ups that will give them a distinct advantage to score, and deter scoring of their opponents, and put their team in the greatest possible situation to win the overall battle.

The key here is that they utilize information regarding the skill sets of their players, not statistics, in their attempt to successfully predict a positive outcome.

Maybe handicappers are not achieving their full potential because the statistics are not the entire story.

Perhaps including the additional facet of reviewing games from the viewpoint of the coaching staff would enhance ones’ ability to predict future outcomes. Just a thought.

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I'd like to think that watching AFC, NFC Playbook gives you a preview of what is important match-up wise. How you believe those match-ups might be of importance and can be leveraged into the final result is important. Leverage is the key. You want leverage in any number of places including the line too. If you're going to review games, you better also know what to look for, otherwise you're just watching game film. If you can leverage some special/unique knowledge, or access to knowledge, that could be useful too.


Haralabos Voulgaris is a young and extremely successful NBA gambler. I tried searching for an article I read a couple years ago about this guy But I cant seem to find it, I believe it was in Money magazine or something similar. In the article he goes into how he bets, what he uses, how he came into professional gambling, his lifestyle, etc. There is also a youtube video of a tour of his Muli-million dollar house in California. Anyways the guy gets down like 50-100K per game and is very successful at it. He typically bets totals.

He has three Mac Pro computers that crunch all of his numbers. Tons of spreadsheets, individual player stats and tendencies, trends, etc. everything that basically any pro capper probably uses. He claims his key to success is watching every single NBA game over and over and over again. He keeps very detailed notes and stats that you cannot find on.... the coaches. That's right, the coaches. He says that once he started capping the coaches and pretending to be in there shoes is when he really became successful. He talks about how certain coaches will react to certain situations in their own ways. Player match-ups, pressure decisions, game planning, etc. He watches all the games but then spends the next day reviewing the tape in the same manner a coach would and tries to understand why each coach does what they do. Obviously that is is long grind which is why he only does the NBA and takes off 4 months out of the year to stay level headed.

It sounds simple in it's concept, to put yourself in the coaches shoes and know what plays they will call before they even know with some sort of accuracy... but it is impossible unless you are actually studying and reviewing every game, play by play, not just watching the game. There just isn't stats out there for certain things like that.

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Thanks Parker. Actually, I saw a commercial on TV the other day advising that actual coaches game film for NFL is now available for purchasing... unsure how much $$$ it would be, and really unsure if I would dedicate the time to that extent with having to work for a living and all... I am sure most people can relate :)

There is no way I could do anything like that but it goes to show you how much time and dedication it takes to do something like this and truly be successful at the highest levels. Just like the coaches and the athletes it's borderline OCD stuff. HUGE amount of hours.

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