Site Inoperable Error 522 - Host Server Down 172 views

Is anyone else getting this error from time to time on this site? The error explains that it is a host issue that needs to be resolved by the host/webmaster. The admin needs to fix this to make the site consistently reliable.


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They need to communicate better when this happens. Users need to know when the site may be up again if they're trying to get a pick in. At least send out an email or a tweet and advise users to get their picks in early in case there is a problem.


Question. At what point are members going to realize management does not care? If you have not realized this, reasonably at least 2 years ago, then why are members (not including the unaware newly signed up members who would obviously be unaware of what has transpired here) continuing to post complaints about Pick Monitor. This website peaked long ago, 2013 or 2014 if I recall correctly, and has hit the proverbial wall with zero advancements (with many providing innovative ideas, and unfulfilled promises of change for the better) from that point forward. It's over, gone, simply a tracker... that is continuing to struggle doing even that for what seems to be forever.


I believe Timothy is correct in his assessment of this site. I was going to bitch about the site being down for most if not all of the night last night again. The plays I have already entered will be my last. I'm outta here.


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