Soccer Tip Grading Difficulties Of 2-27-2109 161 views

The fact that the readership is hearing less-and-less about these grading issues is a testament to Mike's "total revamp" of early December 2018 as opposed to modifying the existing code of that time.

With thousands of soccer games and a new data feed this can be a daunting task but Mike has taken Patrick's initial work and improved upon the product tremendously while at the same time dealing with Tennis snafus and Pinnacle's demand of obtaining funded accounts from a USA market that Pinnacle does not serve.

Timothy Wynn and evo still contribute intelligent posts & Mike is also getting help from DapperDans; the future of this site is in great hands.

Note TOO that these matches that were not graded all are possessed of the VERY SAME EXIGENCY of being games played later in the day of 2/27/2019 which may mean something crashed like Mike said in early December about a script crashing; I'm sure Mike is as curious as anyone as to see where things went south on the grading

I'm not sure but it might be helpful to Mike if the readership supply the link to the ungraded match(es) so that he can quickly isolate why the scoring/grading update failed to occur. For example:

Basel (SUI-Pokal) vs Sion (SUI-Pokal)

Bournemouth (ENG-P) vs Arsenal (ENG-P)

Dundee (SCO-P) vs Rangers (SCO-P)

Fulham (ENG-P) vs Southampton (ENG-P)


Dude you have no idea how good it makes me feel to read that. I get some s*** in emails or DM from some users and although I have a thick skin, it's still sucks!

Sometime I feel like I'm not doing enough and I feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of me. The challenge is way bigger than I initially expected! However, receiving awesome support from many of you is really what keeps me motivated.

I really appreciate!


You're a young guy with young family and immediate family as well as in-laws that wish to spend time with their new grandchild.

Throw on top of that that you have employment that limits the amount of time available and one can easily see that the weekends are your only chance to step back from the madness and decompress.

These are basically people new to the site that are complaining and they just need a bit of guidance; the late Ossie Davis told the late Richard Widmark that one attracts more flies with honey than one does with vinegar.

There is NO HANDICAPPING PORTAL ANYWHERE that even comes close to this site in post-match data analyses and statistical breakdown of the constituent elements which served to comprise the pre-match fixture.

Pickmonitor serves as the standard which other handicapping portals can only hope to follow.

The late "Bully for Brontosaurus" author spoke of "punctuated equilibrium" in which there was evolutionary lulls followed by upward spikes in human evolutionary development; with the US Supreme Court decision legalizing states to offer wagers on sporting events there will be a time within the next 5 years when this site becomes a gold mine for you and a lull will be supplanted by an upward spike in instant profitability.... it couldn't happen to a nicer individual.


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