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After 1000 play selections, only 34 people on this site are positive. That's with thousands of profiles. Chew on that for awhile. I've been on this site for years, with many making claims. Congrats to the thirty four cappers. Perhaps a banner on the profile claiming long term profitability is in order. Never understood why that's not recognized. Long term profitability. Perhaps there is an answer.


Thank you for the insight. We are actually fully aware of the limited amount of profiles that are able to claim they are profitable after 1000 picks have been made. We are currently working on some upgrades to the site and recognizing some of the milestones that our members achieve is important to us.


Not everyone can be good at everything. Even the best cappers have a specialty. So, to have 1000 picks over multile sports is "INSANE." I tip my hat to anyone who can have even a 1% roi with 1000 plays over multiple sports.


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