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What are some thoughts on the issues that face pitchers concerning the banning of foreign substances on their pitching hand? The first thing that I think of is will there now be an abundance of OVERS dominating everyday baseball until the books adjust. Since it was stated that umps will now be beginning to check pitchers randomly throughout a game, any of the substance abusers have had a somewhat difficult time with gripping the baseball such as Gerrit Cole and Tyler Glasnow.

The stats have been a mixed bag since 6/11/21 with OVERS winning 27 times and UNDERS winning 28 times. However the past few days there has been an uptick in the numbers of OVERS winning.

6/16/21 10 - 5

6/15/21 9 - 6 & OVERS line of 133.5 with an actual total of 151 runs scored

I realize that it's only two days worth of stats but am wondering if it is trending in this direction and that the books haven't caught up yet. It just seems to me that looking at some of these scores the past few days which have been in the higher than average range and something that we haven't seen on a regular basis this year. Tread lightly but maybe just give the OVER bet an extra nudge for a bit of time until the books adjust.

Of course it could just be short term statistical variance. Thoughts?


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Yesterday Cole went 8 innings with 2 runs and 4 hits with a clean ball. June 8 Glasnow went 7 innings with 11 strike-outs, he said it was the first game with a totally clean ball and it was his best game all year. Good pitchers pitch.


100 extra inning games so far this MLB season ... 60 Over 40 Under. Extra innings is not OT!! How y'all feel about the "Runner on 2nd" rule? 9 inning games 432 Over 442 Under. Personally I hate it, both for the game and the bettor.


I HATE the extra inning rule. To me its a gimmick and its not real baseball. I really hope they do away with it next season. Whats funny is Ive actually been on the right side of a total going over only because of the runner on 2nd more times than not... and I still dislike it.

I use to umpire boys little league and girls softball. The runner on 2nd rule was used because they had to keep a tight schedule for other teams to take the field or because travel ball tourneys involved like 6-7 games in one day on the same field... or they may not have proper lighting. All understandable reasons to try and speed things up... MLB will not be able to use the COVID excuse next season. I really hope they don't try to convince us that we like it.

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Obviously additional reasons are needed before taking the plunge to make the Over a qualifying play. This may be a short term thing but Overs snagged 7 wins tonight vs. 3 losses making the total 26-14 just blindly betting the Over the past three days. I don't expect a sustained win% of 65% for any duration forthcoming but I do think the books are currently undervaluing the game Totals given the current situation. The Over should be given a tad more consideration than normal at least for the time being.

Great info from PeachPit, I appreciate the input, thanks.


If you're into numbers and graphs and charts, this is the read if you're betting baseball now. It's obvious that most pitchers have been affected by the ruling with some of these pitchers numbers completely dropping off the table making them prime fade material. Great stuff & thanks for sharing.


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