Still Trusting The Process? 225 views

Normally taking the home team after they lost game 1 is a good bet, but this Philly team is worrisome. When the home crowd was booing them, their faces had blank stares. Simmons looked like he wanted to cry, and Embid said players were afraid to shoot because they didn't want to get booed. Butler is the only exception.

If they get off to a slow start in game 2, the 76ers will need to hire a therapist because the Philly crowd will be relentless. The players know this and it's probably on their minds more than actually concentrating on what they need to do on the floor. Then consider Embid has never been able to play more than 25 minutes without getting tired, and now his knees are bothering him. The Nets put Dudley on him just to foul on every play to frustrate Embid, which worked as he got a technical early in the game. Embid said the plan is to be more physical in game 2, but that will lead to more fouls for both teams. The Nets have a deep bench, the 76ers don't have a bench at all (some might say they don't have many starters either).

Bret Brown might be the worst coach in the NBA so don't look for any great adjustments. The "process" is a ticking time bomb. Consider taking the Nets and the points or just watching the game. There's nothing like a hostile Philly crowd expressing their displeasure, so this should be entertaining.


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