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The Suns have only lost back to back games 3 times over the course of the NBA season and just once these playoffs back in round 1 vs the Lakers. I love The Suns ability to consistently bounce back off losses not to mention the way they handle their business on the road. Phoenix carries the best road record not only in the Western Confrence but in the entire NBA this season posting an impressive 24-12 record away from the house. That regular season road success has carried over into the playoffs going 5-2 on the road so far in this post season. Phoenix was the 2nd best ATS team this season but that really doesnt matter to much in this game being that they only have to win to cover tonight. I truly believe The Suns win this game tonight and finally get their leader Chris Paul to the NBA Finals. Phoenix cant afford to give the Clippers all the momentum and force a game 7 here because we have seen LA already do it twice and win both times just in these playoffs, not to mention Chris Paul has not had any success in game 7s in his career. Look for the Suns to finish this series tonight and if they can't I personally will be taking the Clipps in game 7.

Best of luck if you fade or follow but either way lets get a winner tonight!!!


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There's too many injuries to bet this game. Is Morris really healthy or was last game just one of those days his knees felt good? I don't think even he knows until he starts playing. How about Zubac? Another unknown.

If Morris is really healthy, the Clippers are certainly the better team. They should have already won the series. Game 2 George just needed to make 2 free throws and the game was over. Game 4 the Clippers had every chance in the world to win the game, but couldn't buy a basket. It's not like Phoenix was guarding them, they were wide open shots.

Finally, there's a reason why Chris Paul hasn't ever played in a Finals. It's because he's the most over-rated guard in the NBA. He slows down his team's offense and is too small on defense. I know, it's blasphemous to say Chris Paul sucks but let's look at the numbers. First 2 games he didn't play, the Suns were rolling. Suns pace was 104.4 per 48 minutes and scored 112.5 per 100 possessions. Since Paul returned, Suns pace 93.4 per 48 and 97.7 points per 100.

With Paul refusing to push the ball up the court, it allows the Clippers to set up half court defense. Beverly gets to grab and hold and push Booker, which is playoff defense Booker hasn't experienced. He's shooting about 30% with Beverly on him. Best fix is to push the ball and get shots in transition before the Clippers can set their defense, but slow drag Paul will continue to walk the ball up the court.

If Morris can go 32 minutes tonight, I think the Clippers will win. If he can only go 18 and Zubac can't play, the Clippers may just run out of healthy bodies. One other caveat is if Chris Paul were to get hurt in the 1st half and out for the rest of the game, the Suns would roll to a double digit win.

Too many unknowns for me to bet this game. Best of luck.


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Ya man i get it 100%... im just thinking if the Suns dont win tonight they are done. I believe they will give every bit of effort they have to win tonight for Paul and to get over the hump as a team with this game being their best shot to take the series with less pressure/stress, but I agree 100% Chris Paul is over rated and they looked way better in the 1st 2 games with Payne in there, they play way faster. But the way I see it is im way up on the season in the NBA and the Suns have been very good to me over the year, with that being said if the Clipps win tonight its a perfect time to back them in game 7 on the road in my opinion, it will probably be a similar point spread/pickem spot to get it back. I can see your point not getting involved just sit back and enjoy it bro, but my point is the Suns have bounced back off a loss way more times then not. Phoenix will be up for this game tonight win or loose it will be alot closer of a game than game 5 was, and of course we cant act like Paul George has been a big game baller either over his career pgtsd is a real thing lol


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