Super Bowl And Nba Pick 83 views

I dont think ppl appreciate that the SB is played on the home field of one of the teams. Right away home field advantage. Yes, I get it that the SB ppl travel far and wide but the Bucs will have home cooking while the Chiefs are having restaurant food. TB also will be sleeping in their own beds....huge advantage. TB also has their massages and women at home.

While KC recievers are better and TB defense is average, TB has alot of advantages that KC does not....

TB may win this game! Take the points and look for the over.

Lastly I saw the MAVS play last night........they suck! bet against them.....


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bet against rest of year....GS was playing wounded and almost beat them again....Dallas is downright awful.


I was on TB also, great pick! Sometimes a line is a gift and sometimes its a trap. So many were on KC in this one. Wishing you many more wins in the future.


Yep, you got that one right! The line looked a little suspicious but maybe Brady was being respected too much. I now see.

GL to you.....keep in contact.


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