Super Bowl Sum Up 62 views

Patriots win 13 - 3. The score was not indicative of how badly the Rams were outplayed and outcoached. The game was not even close, the Patriots won this game handily.

The television ratings were pathetic. Why? Fans understood that the Rams did not deserve to be there, and furthermore, Rams fans were few and far between considering L.A. has been without an NFL team for so long, they just do not have the fan base.

McVay does not have the experience, or the know how of coach Belichick. This was a checkers (McVay) versus a chess master (Belichick) game.

With McVay so far out of his league in this game, Goff had no chance to be successful at 23 years old. Brady's experience, and his ability to surgically move his team down the field, was enough to win the game handily. I say it again, Goff had no chance from the outset.

In conclusion, the Saints were robbed by the officials at home versus the Rams. The Saints with coach Payton, QB Brees, fast & ferocious defense, and stellar supporting cast for Brees, means only one thing to me. The Saints would have brought the experience, defense, and pulse pounding offense to the Super Bowl with a much better opportunity of pressing the Patriots which would have resulted in a much better Super Bowl experience for real fans of the game. In fact, I believe the Saints would have won, and therefore will forever believe the Saints were robbed by a league that has been steadily losing its credibility, and will continue to do so until the officiating is "fixed", so that the games don't seem to be "fixed" going forward. Good luck with that when Goodell is about to begin his 5 year contract extension, and he has always been complacent, even in the face of that ridiculous non-call in New Orleans, so I expect there will be little change with this Commissioner in power.

Good luck everyone!

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