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I came across this site when I looked up how to become a professional handicapper on Youtube. I grew up always being great at studying sports and making picks for my dad in his pick em pools from work. I would be the champion in pools with grown men at ten years old. Now at 33 years young, I have been picking and documenting almost every game on the slates in all sports. After almost 1600 picks, I'm hitting at close to 55 percent. I say all of this to say that I want to take this business to the next level. I will be picking only my BEST picks and from September 6th to the end of the year I will document how great I can be for the betting public. I will create writeups on here to help more with the football season. Remember the name Platinum Keyz ATS. Coming to you live from the Lock Longue. I want to be the best. Here's to a great football season to all.


When you say football do mean all football or just NFL? I find NCAAF a little "Softer" than NFL, that's why I ask. NFL is one that I have trouble with season to season. Very few "Strategies" work year to year. On the other hand I bang out a pretty good ROI using the same approach in college sports including basketball. Looking forward to your writeups.


I'm talking all football. I seem to be a little better at NFL but I also do pretty well with college. My numbers don't show it now but I've been picking almost every game to see where my strength is. Now it will only the best picks.


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