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I am doing some numbers and seeing a couple of things I am awaiting on numbers.

GSW 1st Quarter + 1/2 or pickum.

The Warriors have been in Miami resting while the Heat are coming off another grid with this back to back tonight for the 2nd game in a row last night the Heat got off to a sluggish start.

Overall in their last 4 games the heat are 1-3 Su in the first quarter 28-23/16-21/23-40/24-31. While they are grinding back in these games slow starts are becoming the norm and last night's win also with the defense played in the Knick game might make for some wary legs on the 23rd game in 4 nights.

In their last 4 home games Miami is a blissful 0-4 su. 24-31 20-25 26-32 30-32.

GSW is not the greatest starting team but in Curry's last 5 full games on the road they are 4-2 against the number and Su. They are scoring as well which makes up for the sluggish shooting on Miami letter more 26-28 29/28/25-22/34-37/36-27/28-26.

Atlanta I might look at the 1st quarter total. My line I am hoping got is 57.5/58. If the books put it at 59.5/60 it may be a pass. I also am looking at the motivation for Atlanta coming off a loss at PHX. This is not the last game of the a road trip tomorrow night will be and I will be looking to play against them in the 1st quarter and even the side as they travel again.

In their last road games 2-3 Su but avg 59 for a total and going over the 57/57.5/58 we are looking for in 3 of those and the other numbers are close 57/66/59/56/59 in 3 of 4 and a possible push

The Spurs are on the most extended homestand I can remember with a couple of left as well up coming. They have been enjoying the comforts of home and getting early starts. In their last 5 games avg 30.8 and giving up a cool 29 a game and going over the total we are looking for 3/4 of those games. 60/58/53*/57/70

I would definitely look at the results here and minutes played for a possibly play against the Hawks ending thier road trip tomorrow night for the 1st half against a Pelicans team who is getting off to hot starts.

This is projected 3rd play is on the Pels and against the Magic. ( who oh yeah and they got who Oh that's right Wendell Carter jr). I have no association or care for the Magic but they traded everyone away. After the trade deadline thier last 2 games have been flat out ugly as expected. The totals are 21-22 and 13-26. The Pels have been a solid 1st qarter team and their last 5 games have won by atleast 5 in every 1st quarter at home and coming off another win by 5 at boston (32-27). The Pels at home in thier last 5 games 35-20/32-26/32-29/36-24/34-29. I epect this number to be around 4.5-6. I think I can get their for 5 maybe 5.5 but We will need to see where the line lands.


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