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I had an interesting philosophical conversation a few days ago regarding the subject of time and the natural illusion created by our minds between past and future.

On many occasions, I have spoken to people that remember moments and events in the distant past as if they had occurred yesterday. These same individuals will also peer into the distant future and see an end goal, but claim it is an eternity to get there, even if there are only a few years needed to reach the intended conclusion. Heck! We have all experienced this illusion at one point or another in our lives in certain situations, such as the work day seemingly endless as we wait impatiently for the clock to signal the end of our shift.

The reason why I am even bringing this to the forum is to further elaborate on this rarely touched upon subject and get us thinking about the future as we should, instead of giving into our natural tendencies to sometimes push too quickly for success and end up with nothing but regrets. Those who are, and have been successful, tend to consciously ignore this illusion by preparing, then executing a plan of action with unfettered patience and discipline, welcoming the obstacles and challenges beset in the journey itself, instead of being consumed by the situation at hand, and being drawn toward oblivion by emotion.

I just thought this would be an interesting topic since our minds are always in a state of fixed motion. It is important for us to remember the idea of reflection should not only be utilized as a way to remember our past, but also an avenue to prepare, and hopefully, gain an advantage in the future.

The bottom line is that our linear notion of time is an illusion, but talking about this in itself won't provide any real experience or knowing. That said, let's talk sports!

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