Tout Vs Tout & Pregame's Fezzik Selling Plays For A Buck...... 806 views

Came across this the other day and thought I would share.

Erin Rynning, who is a professional tout/handicapper said that Pregame pro Steve Fezzik is selling his plays as his own. I have never heard of Erin Rynning before reading the story about Fezzik. Steve Fezzik won back2back LVH contests and was considered a solid handicapper at one time. Since this time he has joined up with and the crop of touts who work for the site. This is the link to Erin Rynning's appearance on the podcast Eye On Gaming. If you scroll down and look for ( Erin Rynning takes inventory of the Eastern Conference) and fast forward to 52:27 and you will hear him call out Fezzik.

The 2nd part of the story is Fezzik selling his picks for $1 on pregame. I came across this E-mail that was sent out last week.

Dear Pregame Member,
You are receiving this email because you have signed to receive special offers from - Please see today's HOT OFFER:



JUST a Buck


Fezzik’s BEST HOOPS PLAY OF DAY for just a buck!

BONUS 2* Super Bowl PROP!

Get Fezzik's STRONGEST Baskets Play of the Day, AND as a bonus his 1st Super Bowl release, a rock solid 2* Best Bet! Fezzik is 45-19-1 YTD in the NBA and is looking to add to this winning basketball streak on Thursday. A Full-Time Professional Bettor for over a decade, he is the ONLY 2-time Hilton Contest Winner! Get this special basketball package now with a bonus Super Bowl Prop for ONLY $1 !!

My question is what makes a guy go from winning back2back Hilton contests, to a guy selling his picks for $1. Could it be that he just got lucky for that run? Does anyone know anything about Erin Rynning and his creditability about what he said?

Link to a forum where Fezzik responds to the accusation.

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Fezzik used to be solid, but he has been using a lot of tout tactics since joining pregame, and has lost a lot of respect in the industry.
Thats what I'm talking about with him, what happened? Is it just an easy way for him to make money on pregame? Did he stop capping games and just sit back and let other people do the work? I can't figure out why some of these guys go the scumbag route.

I don't know how Pregame makes any money selling their "Pro's" picks??? At any given time, you can check their "Pro's" records and they are always sitting at 50/50 on their picks, with negative units won. I just checked Fezzik's picks for the last 30 days and he is 31-30 with -.85 units lost.

The further you go back, the worse it gets ...


Custom - I've done some tracking with Pregame and Covers Experts and here's what they all have in common (I like to call them the "good news syndicates"): under 20% of the time does any participating individual EVER have a consecutive winning YEAR.

They have winning days, weeks and sometimes months and there is always enough supply of touts in the organization's bag to have SOME good news. The bad news never gets published; a real running record is never ever front paged.

It is just a business for those guys; the interest isn't at all in making their clients money or retention rates. They think more in terms of rate of sign up vs. unsubscribes.

I have two rules for following a sports handicapper:

1. Never follow one that advertises sports books. They're sharing loss revenue.

2. Never follow a handicapper part of a group that front pages cappers in the lead. It is just like cover office pools: by CHANCE there will always be 50% winners and 50% losers.


Kind of reminds me of health insurance in America. It looks good and sounds good, but no one ever wins purchasing their product.


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