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Sorry for the late response, it was a holiday here in Canada! I saw a post asking for update, it's easier for me to start a new thread.

Nobody wants things to go faster than me, but I have to work with limited ressources. I aknowledge that most, if not all the work we have done so far is unseen to your eyes.

As most of you know, 80% of the job so far has been invested in our new version. There is a new branding (done), we fixed the business model (done, it will be much cheaper for everyone and the handicappers will make more money), worked on the UX / UI (in progress), develop a native app (in progress), implement Pinnacle odds feed (in progress, almost over). What you need to understand is that Pick Monitor makes barely any revenue, so we need to be smart and careful with the expenses. Fortunatly, I run an agency which pays for all the development. Obviously, to pay the development I need to generate revenue so my main business takes over most of my time.

Our initial goal was to roll out a v2 for the begining of the NFL preseason. It's definatly not going to happen. I prefer to take more time and go 110% on the new version, than to rush the work and give you a half-broken website.

As for the tennis cheaters, it is indeed very annoying. I just created a new email account, [email protected] Send your suspicious useres and we will take care of it if we can find tangible proof of the wrongdoing.

The problem right now is all about ressources. I need a good community manager, 24h support, live chat, a bigger dev team and the ability to spend more time on the project. So here's our vision, we are going to work hard to deliver the 2nd version. With our new business model in place, we will focus on marketing and increasing the traffic. Once we can prove that we are profitable, we can do a Round A of financing and things should be much easier from there.

I'll try to get you a sneak peak of our prototype during the month of july.

Hopefully this answers some of your concerns.

PS: Happy 4rth of July to all friends!


Thanks very much Michael. You certainly have your hands full. Thanks for the happy 4th message. And a belated "Happy Canada Day" EH? All the best.


any possible way to keep 5dimes lines for mma only on V2? I do not believe pinnacle will have most of the mma selections.... :(


What I don’t understand is why would you buy a website and...

-first of all not run it properly with games taking forever to be graded, games graded with the wrong outcome, winning picks void for no reason. No reply to emails, no reply to posts, completely 0 support. And I am not complaining as a free member, I was going to upgrade to business but no way in hell I am going to do that when you guys can’t even get my record right, so instead of complaining about the website not making money maybe you should give people a reason to spend money for a membership. Not to mention I had a play graded as loser when it won, had to file a grading error report, meaning I have to monitor the monitor to make sure they are doing their job right.

-two if you want to completely change the website why would you buy a website the was already great. All this website needed was some good marketing.

If you are going to have all this work why not just start from scratch? I really don’t understand. All you are doing right now is damaging the image of PickMonitor, not only are you basically starting from scratch, you are now going to start with a damaged reputation, therefore can’t understand at all your choice to purchase PickMonitor.

I myself am claiming one record to my website visitors and my record on PickMonitor is showing a different record because a pick was void for no reason.

That is my two cents worth :)



Since you are a brand new member, we may not know that the grading problem was there way before we took control of PickMonitor. Patrick, the previous owner, created everything on this website by himself and did a great job but a lot of scripts to automated the grading were flawed. During our first months of ownership, two scripts stopped working and fixing the work of somebody else is not always as easy as you might think.

Just like Michael said, we are a small team working on PickMonitor but at the same time for our agency. We have some ressources that are full-time working on the new version of PickMonitor to get as close as possible to a perfect automatic grading system that will fix a lot of the problems that we encounter right now.

The website right now is good, you are right. But what we want to do, is make it great. We want for all our current and future users to get the best experience ever with PickMonitor and this is why we are redoing the model of PM. In the end, all the handicappers will make more money and it is going to be cheaper for everybody.




Thank you for your reply, but knowing the issues why not get things right when someone points out something that is wrong.

Still waiting for my pick to be graded as a winner as I did not do anything wrong at all, legit winner that I am not being credited for. I can’t have one record on my website and another record on the monitor.

I am just waiting for this grading error to be fixed to upgrade to business member, so why not value your business members and make sure at least their accounts are correctly graded. On top of it, it was graded as a winner and a day later voided for no reason. It really doesn’t matter if it was duplicate or not, what matters is that it was a legit pick, nothing at all you guys can say in regards to this pick, legit pick that was simply voided for no wrong doing


One more note, while my winner was voided another handicappers loser was voided, not being very transparent when you are voiding losers from handicappers accounts, think about it and save PickMonitor reputation while you can


Alright, we all get your point. Perhaps things on management side should have been done maybe differently or with more transparency but give the guy a break man. I am not disagreeing with you on any of your points but bombarding the guy isn't the way to go. The Pick Monitor team responded to your inquiry in a cordial manner, now set aside a reasonable timeframe for yourself for all of the implementations to take place. All will be fine in time as it always is here, so you can get an extra hours sleep not worrying about your pick that was graded incorrectly.



We are doing the best we can we the knowledge we have. We have the best intentions, but we're not perfect and we are open to critiscm.

However, it's easy for you to make all those judgement when you're not the one signing the cheque. Saying that Pick Monitor only needs a bit of marketing is an understatement and is way too simplistic. As the business owner I can tell you that the business model is broken. Marketing will not fix the business model.

We bought the community, we bought the name, we bought the reputation, we bought the values that came with it. We knew upfront that the grading had some problems, that the odds feed needed to be change, that the code was deprecated, that the business model needed to evolve. It's part of the game !

Our goal is to bring it to another level, to innovate, to have a solution that is unique on the market. If I may suggest a good book to understand where we're coming from, you can buy this book from amazon.


The new owner(s) are really taking some flack as it pertains to the period of time it is taking to solve some issues that were already existing when they purchased Pick Monitor. Sometimes things do not get fixed as quickly as some people would like, let alone see changes that will positively increase the value to members, regardless of the service, product, or website itself. I am assuming the new owner(s) have lives of their own, jobs, families, etc. that they need to take care of, and believe they have stated this is a project they are taking on in an attempt to successfully integrate new ideas that will hopefully push Pick Monitor to the next level.

Judging by recent posts, they are close to solving the grading issues (and that should effectively erase any further concerns regarding issues raised by members, paid and free alike. That being stated, I am assuming they will continue to receive flack here and there until that problem has been effectively resolved for good.

As for all the other new things they have planned, I for one, am looking forward to witnessing the new and improved Pick Monitor.

Good luck guy(s) :)


I can get you a community manager, there are a lot of them in my country with lots of experience (Venezuela), I can tell a few of them to email you their resume experience. just let me know.

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what mistake now? I only bet the major sports

Baseball, football, basketball, hockey

Those dont seem to have grading problems just sometimes get graded late

The other sports with low handle that nobody really wagers on seem to have all the issues from what i have notice

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Pickbum you won't get business on here without a business account. Your picks can be viewed by paying members who can view all non business member handicappers. Looking at the rankings page, you see who is at top column can't be viewed and don't see you, so your picks are viewed for free by the pickmonitor paying member.

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