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Yeah some Americans need maps. LOL! Hey, Steve. How is Costa Rica's cost of living? Could I live off of a $1500/month pension there?
It's possible, depends on your lifestyle. I know people that live on $1k a month, others that live on $4k a month. It's expensive here, but income taxes are very low and health care is covered by the government. As a result, we're more taxed on our consumption.
I have a world map on my office wall and I am quite efficient on where most countries are. It is interesting just to look out. I especially know my Caribbean islands, since I frequent that area, lol.

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@ you will be rich in my country with that amount. that about a million in our local currency. you can start a betting shop or a strip club with that money lol

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is gaining on real estate mogul Donald Trump in the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Both men are the only two GOP U.S. Presidential candidates in double digits.

The next Republican debate was set to be held Wednesday evening on CNN.

Mr. Trump had the support of 27 percent of Republican primary voters in the CBS News/New York Timespoll, up 3 points from early August.

Mr. Carson, meanwhile, was at 23 percent — a 17-point jump from early August.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida were in a tie for third at 6 percent.

Oddsmakers still had Jeb Bush a slight favorite to win the nomination at close to 2/1 odds. Trump was coming in at 3/1 while Carson was currently at 8/1 odds. Prices differ per book.

The 2016 Election - Republican Nominee

08:00 PM 301 Jeb Bush +175

302 Donald Trump +300

303 Marco Rubio +400

304 Scott Walker +600

305 John Kasich +1000

306 Rand Paul +2000

307 Mike Huckabee +2000

308 Ted Cruz +1400

309 Chris Christie +2500

310 Carly Fiorina +2000

311 Ben Carson +800


In examining the presidents over the last 50 years. My conclusion is that our species should not still be here. We should have been long extinct during the Kennedy thru Reagan years. The most interesting data comes from the Bush regime terms. I had the odds of the survival of our species at +400000 underdogs. With that said, I am positive that it does not matter who the president is. It seems as if evolution has a failsafe system that keeps us thriving no matter what fool is running the show.


I Kinda like this sport....seems like this is the only sport that I can actually do writups for without zero's and one's.

I think that Bush may be the best bet here. Even though he is genetically related to war crimes and massive environmental damages, I am thinking that it may be a good hedging bet. It seems that as long as he has the last name" Bush" it doesnt matter what type of dementia or autism he suffers from.


Anybody know why the lines differ so much from the polls? Are the polls that biased? Or is the betting market projecting a change in interest levels over the next year? Or some combo?


wow didnt know ben carson was republican!! who are the guys on the democrats side? where i can get a list?


@Patrick going back to the last Republican primaries Rick Perry and Herman Cain were leading in the polls. Neither of them even made it past Super Tuesday.

The analogy I would use is comparable to a horse race or live betting in sports. Imagine if you could place a bet on a horse after the first quarter of the race is complete. The first place horse, if he was originally a longshot, would still have longshot odds despite being first at that particular time. If we were using that analogy and applying it to Republican nomination process we would have just exited the gate and not even gone around the first turn.


@ parley- here are the democratic odds from betonline. Hillary Clinton -275, Bernie Sanders +400, Joe Biden +400, Elizabeth Warren +3300 & Martin O'Malley + 3300. Or check out this link for full list from odds checker

@CGP "I think that Bush may be the best bet here."

Agreed!! I started this thread on 8/21/2013 saying I would have bet opening odds for Bush @ +1400 & Hillary @ +350.


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