Us Presidential Race 2020 Here's How I'd Play For Guarenteed Profit..... 195 views

Take $1,000 for simple math purposes Take @Kamala Harris at 5/1 Bet an Even Amount say $300 Risked to win $1500. Bet $300 @ Even Money on Trump at Risk $300 to win $300. That leaves $400 to Hedge if Democrat other than Harris wins Democratic Primary so keep that $400 as Dry Powder/Available Cash and See where the odds move. We maybe facing an economic implosion as US Economy is on crack just ask Harry Dent. I'm a Democrat but my point is too help y'all take the books money not trying to get into political warfare with any Trump Supporters. Or you can go ahead and Bury Trump or your Democratic Candidate of choice. Fact of matter is this post is to show Risk Aversion and Advanced Hedging technique.


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Just my 2 cents, I follow american politics like an addict even if I'm Canadian. Kamala is tanking in all the polls right now (

I don't see her winning the dems. She had her big moment with busing in the first debate, but we all saw in the 2nd debate she fell completely flat and couldn't defend her record vs Tulsi 😍😘. As she gains popularity, people will dig into her shit record as prosecutor and I don't think it will play well for her.

I feel like the only way Biden doesn't win the dem primary is if Warren and Bernie run together, otherwise they are fighting for the same group of voters and the moderate / centrist / Obama lovers dems will go with Biden.

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I am a Political Atheist and as such, I hate ALL Politicians equally, but I do appreciate your betting advice, Nate ;-)


If Kamala loses, then you’re already -$300 at the semi final. If Trump then wins the final, then you are -$700 overall if you picked Trump in the final. If hedged with a Democrat in the final you’ll break even given +150 odds.

There is nothing advanced about this hedging technique. It’s not even basic hedging. This isn’t even a hedge at all, and you will lose money in all scenarios unless Kamala +500, or a Democrat hedged with your last $400 wins the final at +151 ($4 profit), or better +200 ($200 profit). I would call this a Democratic Party Chase/Martingale System. Or am I missing something


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Biden has too much baggage (age, questionable views, harassing women, inability to speak powerfully). He may still win, but I think the door is wide open for Harris. Bernie appears to be mailing it in this year, and people will slowly gravitate to someone tough (like a Harris) vs. a conciliator like Biden.


Not much but Her and Biden are democratic candidates that have a shot hedge Trump in their to guarantee both sides!!! It’s kinda dependant on what happens with the US Economy and how things transpire between Now and the 2020 El


@GamblingGods wait to see what happens in the US Economy to know the probability of a Democratic vic


Naw. Imma just MaxBet Trump whenever Nitro puts the line out. Too many racists in America for him not to win again.

I’m not saying that everyone who votes Trump is racist. I’m saying that everyone who is racist votes Trump.

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