Virtus.Pro Vs Navi --Esl One: Road To Rio 178 views

CSGO bet 3.05 15:00

Pick: Virtus Pro +1,5 @ 2,18

Tipster bet from

Half jokingly, Simple is still mourning his porshe, which was brutally treated in one of the shopping mall parking lots. But people are jealous of it. Today he won't be able to play and he will mourn. Just kidding. Natus is an obvious favorite of this match but today they can play very loose with Virtus and they will not come to the match 100% unconcerned. Navi is a team that finally won the team championship and deservedly won the IEMa, but NaVi is not yet a team like Astralis, which when necessary will force itself and compete on every rival (even Astralis has problems with that). I think that today's match could be one of them. Virtus Pro faded out a long time ago now practically nobody is counting on them but nothing motivates as much as a chance to rebound against the best team in the world from the last IEM. Stable form of Buster and Jamie despite the losses are a good predictor before this match. The interesting thing is that Inferno is the best VP map today.

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Nemiga vs Gambit Youngsters ESL One: Road to Rio , 15:00 5.05

pick: Nemiga @ 2.32

source analisys:

Both teams have a few class players who should be doing well and this match is an attractive one. The gambit is a great sh1ro. Nafany and Ax1LE also score well. Speed4k is very talented in Nemiga, but he can be different with stability. But for him the drive is lollipop21k - if they both play well, the whole team gets wings. The NEM team is distinguished by the lollipop21k, Speed4k both have a mean of over 1.1 and 0.7 kill. In fact, I see here the competition between the form of the day of these two players with the leader Gambit sh1ro. The minimum favorite for me is Gambit but I risk nemiga here at a much better odds today.


Unique Team vs Nemiga | ESL One: Road to Rio | 15:00

Pick from : Unique +12,5 @ 1.9

Today I chose the Unique Team vs Nemiga game and a big difference in courses caught my attention. The +12.5 line is quite safe for me for today. Nemiga is weak recently and Belarus Igor Solodkov ( lollipop21k) started shooting a little bit worse. Team Unique on the other hand is probably one of the worst teams here, however the form of both teams has been hopeless lately. Nemiga had a good match with Gambit recently but apart from that I still don't see such certainty and consistency in the game. Team Unique and Nemiga have played with Spirit recently and you can compare their matches which were not much different from each other but should. Spirit can quite easily cope with the difference between the two teams that they needed 3 maps for Nemige and not two but with similar and equally weak game.


Avez - Pompa 05/10 15:00

PICK: AVEZ (-1,5) @ 3,25 bet365

Bet from as for me, AVEZ is the only team that stands out in this country at this point and even against the background of AGO, they have recently played much more solid and better against strong rivals. The form of this team is much better than Pompa and I won't even be surprised how easy it will be today 2:0 because the course encourages me to do so. Splawik wont exist at all in the last game with Skade. Winning alone doesn't necessarily pay off anymore because, as we know, players can approach a match at a tournament with an average stake. I prefer to take a risk in the pinnacle.


csgo - Home Sweet Home Cup

Team Secret is exactly the same level and comparable to Smash players. Don't understand these odds. Although they lost to Avez I think it was a tough rival. Today 50/50. Not the worst rallen game lately, but sinnopsyy keeps the level from match to match. Smash has won the game with Skade, but it's because of fejtZ and bubble - the rest is definitely standing still. 2.2 on betfair is worth it for me today

Team Secret vs SMASH / / 16 May 2020 - 16:50 /

Esports betting from

Bettor Pick:Team Secret @ 2.2




CSGO - BLAST 2020 / 18 May 2020 - 17:00

EndPoint vs AVEZ

Avez @ 2.9

CSGO tip from . Today Endpoint's match with Avez. In Avez yesterday Molsi passed away and replaced him by former Virtus pro player - I think it's a good change because communication in the team and atmosphere required it. Molsi had official health problems but that was just an excuse to change the player. Byali has been training for a long time and this may be a small advantage in this match. The odds for winning the Avez in Betano are very high because it is 2.82 and it is profitable. Changes in this team were necessary and I think the effects can come relatively quickly. Whether it's going to happen today - Enpodint is solid and plays pretty evenly but is not a very tough rival and last game was below expectations. A lot will depend on Thomas Utting who seems to be much better than his teammates. Correct course on Avez - max 2.2 - 2.3.


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The odds have definitely fallen down for several hours. It was 7 - now about 4 - 5. Whoever managed to play yesterday definitely gained a lot. Of course, the Movistar class is bigger and the recent results have not changed much while the Giants is playing solidly recently. Richard PAacheco (fox) has been in good shape for a long time, but more importantly, other players are following in his footsteps and have clearly improved their communication. renatoohaxx and NOPEEJ . All three of them have a big share in the recently won matches against x6tence and Havu. Movistar does not have any weak points, but results are unstable. The odds are still a little too high for the favorites. It will be difficult to win the Giants, but comparing the map pool, onemap is very accurate today after a good rate in Parimatch.

Movistar Riders vs Giants / RTP Arena Cup / 15:00

Prediciton from

Giants +1,5 @ 2,15

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+ 11 rounds luckily returned.

but this second map: 13-3 and finished 19:16 - What they did was some creazy style


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