Weekend Soccer Tips Of Dec 1 And Dec 2 Not Being Graded 145 views

Once again, notifications of WEEKEND SOCCER PLAYS not being graded (in this case, December 1 and December 2) arises.

This happens once per month it seems but site management has always eventually addressed the issue to everyone's satisfaction.

I've never once seen site management fail to address legitimate concerns to everyone's satisfaction; the weekend plays of December 1 & December 2 will EVENTUALLY be graded as site management queues it up in their many priorities

There are some very intelligent people engaging in very intelligent discussions in these forums

I especially enjoy reading Timothy Wynn's postings


Hi !

Yes it has been a struggle since last week due to a major script crashing (hence why I decided to start the new version from nothing)! It's 11PM and I'm still working on it! Good news is 90% of soccer games are finally OK!

I have some more work tomorrrow but I figured out the worst. I *think* that we will be back to normal tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone patience, we got a good community here and I really appreciate everyone's good intention for Pick Monitor to succeed.

Signing out for today, I'll be back tomorrow.


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