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@Daltonis - Wow! Correct me if I am wrong as it relates to my translation of the little graphs along the top of the calendar at the link you provided (way back machine), but it appears as though Pick Monitor was clearly on the rise and drawing much more attention in 2010/2011/2012 (when known as - I really miss that), before losing momentum in 2013 followed by an avalanche into depression from 2014-present... taking into consideration there has been minimal blips of excitement in 2018 & early 2019. 2021 is looking very rough as well currently.

With sports going super woke and the powers that be (way above our own governments who are being told, not asked, what to do) so clearly bent on establishing their one world communist government, do you think Pick Monitor will ever have a realistic opportunity to succeed going forward? The future appears abysmal.

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@Timothy Wynn - Not sure about just where PM is going in the future but the Wayback Machine brings back some early memories of this site. Just read through some of the postings from overzealous members such as chagz and the battles that he had with Mike McClain and the Contrarian. I remember reading some of those from back in the day. Great theatre, where's my popcorn?


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@ I'm not sure if the amount of screen grabs (graphs) correlate with how much traffic a site has. Maybe more traffic will automatically trigger that response. If that is true then PM would seem to be far less popular from years ago.

I did a post about PM growing or not almost 8 years ago. Check it out here.

At that time PM ranked as the 23,924 most popular site in the US. Today it is ranked 48, 734. I don't really think we need those numbers to know the site is not in the same range it was back then. I'm guessing the forum from years ago had more posts in a day than it sometimes has in a week now. Maybe people are less engaged with the forum now compared to then, but I doubt it would result in the massive falloff of posts.

My opinion is that the site has never figured out how to get gamblers to the site. Gamblers don't care about tracking numbers. They want to bet on a game and hope they win. This is a site to monitor picks and nothing else. You're never gonna get the norms without having contests, touts and flashy banners claiming how great the cappers are here.

The site will succeed at being what is was created for but I doubt it will ever be much more than that.


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