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2nd Generation professional Thoroughbred Horse Racing FUND MANAGER // CHIEF ENTITY ANALYST // CEO // OWNER // WITH PASSING OF THE NEVADA SENATE BILL 443 I CAN FINALLY INVEST YOUR MONEY AS THE ENTITY I AM EITHER WILL BE LLC OR INC. THEN BMDPICKS BRANDON MITCHELL DOLIN (the Cleveland Dolins who owned Indians and a ton MORE. So NO NO NO NOT DOL A N THE KNICKS AND WELL MADISON SQUARE GARDEN OWNER BUT RACIST ROYAL DICK. SINCE 6 I STARTED WITH STUFFING ENVELOPES AND DAD WOULD COVER ME IN POST-IT-NOTES OF REPLAYS HE NEEDED CUED UP. SO 8/30/90 OAK R7. I would go downstairs and go in the replay room 4000 5000 vhs tapes before Internet. My dad had cutting edge of the time 1900# Only money I've ever touched has come the way of A bet position speculation I know that I was afforded an 20 yr hard start in unique field of work. As bad as I love my job now I loved the idea of making money with and for the people who believe in you even if just $500,to have a piece of my entity. THAT'S NORMAL I EXPECT HESITANCY AND NAYSAYERS HAVEN'T STOPPED 22YRS STRAIGHT IMPROVEMENT ALONG WITH MORE FREE BETS PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO JUST HOW MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR MONEY HORSE RACING AFFORDED ONLY THE RICH WITH 100K PLUS BANKROLL. WELL. WITH NV SB443 PASSING WE CAN GET 100 PEOPLE ONTO MY FUND AND I CAN HAVE THE SAME AS ALWAYS NO TRICKS NO GAMES JUST FREE PICKS EVERY DAY AND TONS. I CAN DO STOCKS I CAN DO SPORTS I JUST KNOW I CAN MAKE 100K A DAY PROFITS DOUBLE DIGITS DAYS A YEAR ALONE WITH 100K fund raised.

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