Completed Picks. 90.83% followable.

Basketball 111 15.78 105.41 52.55 61.11 1.86 0.79
Tennis 387 13.03 310.81 151.3 63.59 2.88 0.53
Football 22 -11.07 -12.92 -7.31 45.45 -0.53 0.12
Overall 545 12.34 410.91 201.76 62.14 3.22 0.73

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At Betting Bandits, we specialize in Tennis Picks. We have a proven track record of winning, and have profited over 100K on tennis picks every year since 2012.

We believe in taking into account every possible variable before making a pick, and using our expertise (over 10 years of betting experience and former ATP Professional Tennis Players), we decide which games present an opportunity to make a profit.

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