Completed Picks. 98.47% followable.

Football 203 8.64 18.36 52.61 47.00 1.04 0.38
Basketball 2,784 -0.68 -20.52 -56.88 51.58 -0.37 0.41
Overall 2,987 -0.07 -2.16 -6 51.27 -0.04 0.06

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12/28/18 UPDATE: Firstly I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Now on to what we're all here for, the basketball. What a turnaround we had in the month of December. Since the time of my last writing we are 77-56 (57.9%, +15.4 units). I'm happy with the tweaks I made and we've almost entirely wiped out the losses from November and I'm confident we'll turn a profit as we head into January, historically my most profitable month. I checked my previous years data and in the month of January my totals plays have gone 340-231 (59.5%, +85.9 units) so now is as good of a time as any to follow if you aren't already. I'm very excited about heading into conference play. With that I'm exploring the return of spreads to the system, historically they haven't been so great, particularly last year, but I'm thinking of trying a new angle with them. There probably won't be many spread plays, but I'll only release them if I'm fairly confident in them. Happy New Year and here's to profits in 2019!


Last year was my first year posting on PickMonitor after four years posting my plays on the SBR forums. My 2016-17 plays are documented in this thread C-Batch Brackets Returns!, which also contains a link to my previous season(s). In short, I created a model for NCAA Basketball five years ago that I've back-tested to hit about 54% over my 11 years of data. It focuses primarily on totals, but a smaller quantity of sides will also be released. Over five years I've compiled a 2335-2023 (53.58%) overall record with my specialty, totals, at 1878-1588 (54.18%). I hope you'll join on board as we look to continue these results!

5-year breakdown: (2017/18 numbers differ from pickmonitor record as a I grade against closing lines)

2017-18 2016-17 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 L5 Years
Overall Win/Loss 578-532 497-389 439-405 445-365 376-332 2335-2023
Units Earned (@-110) -7.2 69.1 -6.5 43.5 10.8 109.7
Win Rate 52.07% 56.09% 52.01% 54.94% 53.11% 53.58%
Sides 55-75 65-60 92-83 157-126 88-91 457-435
Totals 523-457 432-329 347-322 288-239 288-241 1878-1588

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