Completed Picks. 75.82% followable.

Basketball 22 7.20 8.28 4.75 68.18 0.41 0.52
Football 121 4.14 30.85 15.03 62.07 0.55 0.00
Baseball 37 3.83 8.71 4.25 59.46 0.27 0.01
Overall 180 4.40 47.84 23.75 62.29 0.71 0.05

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I am new to the site. I am on another handicapping site. My url there is

I am currently working on my website and it will be up and running soon.

I have been handicapping for quite a while. I have a set of clients and am always looking to add more to the team. Eventually I would like to have upward of 1000 customers on my team.

I do all pro and most college sports and always have good package deals going on. I send out emails with my daily picks to each of my clients and try to build a good relationship with each and every one of them. Customer service is my best virtue, well other than my handicapping skills.

I dont post stats or throw numbers around. I let my action do all of my talking. For the money you will never find a better handicapper than myself. I am that confident. I may not throw out as many plays as some, but I only throw out plays that I know are premium, That is why I always am at the top or close to the top of all leaderboards in winning percentage and R.O.I, those are the important stats. I also customize picks for customers who only want certain things. I am very flexible.

Email me for pricing and if you have any questions or comments.

My email is [email protected]

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