Completed Picks. 92.76% followable.

Football 393 -0.06 -0.38 -0.65 48.84 -0.01 0.02
Baseball 814 -5.47 -138.49 -133.48 47.85 -1.36 0.86
Basketball 1,397 -6.39 -287.18 -267.69 47.90 -2.17 0.87
Overall 2,604 -5.52 -426.05 -430.95 48.02 -2.47 0.85

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I have been handicapping baseball, basketball, and football for over ten years. In my opinion, most sports investors are not objective and invest on games and sides based on a gut feeling. As a result, most sports handicappers lose money over the long term. Over the last ten years, I have developed an entirely objective handicapping system based solely on statistics and situations that has produced a consistently high return on investment over the long term. Since I base many of my picks on situations and statistics, many of my posts are not on marquee games. This also limits the average daily plays that I do make. I have a couple of reasons for doing this. First, I do invest in every game that I post and I like to try to concentrate on investing only in top plays in order to keep my ROI high. Secondly, this limits the amount of my, and your, bankroll that is in play on any single day. If there are any comments or questions about a play, don't hesitate to message me through the website. I greatly appreciate your time and your business!

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