Completed Picks. 88.98% followable.

Baseball 18 12.50 4.05 6.75 66.67 0.51 0.40
Football 6 10.58 0.2 1.91 66.67 0.22 0.91
Soccer 1,164 3.71 90.95 129.48 58.22 1.13 0.82
Hockey 135 2.41 5.45 9.77 62.12 0.24 0.50
Basketball 678 0.92 8.7 18.81 65.13 0.20 0.01
Tennis 405 -9.60 -58.61 -116.65 60.55 -1.99 0.93
Overall 2,519 1.54 68.25 116.71 61.54 0.68 0.80

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(Latest update 02/03/21 - Refer to the bottom of the Bio)

- I am a professional sports investor. This is my full-time job and I normally work 7 days per week to drive a profitable portfolio.

- My experience tells me that the opportunities for profit outside the U.S. far exceed what can be achieved within the U.S. Therefore, the portfolio is heavily European/LatAm Soccer and European/LatAm Basketball.

- Professional sports betting is only partially about sports. I'd call it 80% math/modeling and 20% sports insights.

An 'aside':

- Pick Monitor is easy to use, but quite limited in scope. I probably put no more than 25% of my actual bets here, so it's going to show more volatility and take longer for PM to have an accurate reflection of my results. The main shortcomings are 1) PM can't make LIVE picks (close to 50% of my portfolio), and 2) PM provides only one option for each type of pick per bet. So, for example, if I want Bayern Munich -1 and PM only provides Bayern Munich -1.25, then I don't load my pick here. Add to that that there are many types of plays and sports that aren't provided at all in PM and the result is that overall coverage is quite thin. I ONLY load picks here where the coverage matches exactly what I'm betting. AND, the terms must be very close to the actual terms that I'm playing with the bookmaker(s).

- Having said that, PM is really the only decent U.S.-based platform. Being U.S.-based, I'm going to run with this for a while.

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