Completed Picks. 95.15% followable.

Baseball 646 -0.00 -0.1 -0.08 50.08 -0.00 0.24
Basketball 95 -5.06 -18.36 -14.41 49.46 -0.48 0.58
Football 36 -19.98 -32.23 -21.58 41.67 -1.13 0.85
Overall 784 -1.33 -37.05 -31.24 49.93 -0.35 0.48

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We post the top plays every day based on Value. We look at all aspects of the games. We use proprietary software to uncover games with excellent value and we only release the top picks from 2.5 to 5 units.

Bankroll Management- Each unit we release should represent 1% of your bankroll. So a 3 unit play should be bet for 3% of your bankroll where a 5 unit play should be 5% of your bankroll.

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