Completed Picks. 92.53% followable.

Basketball 718 1.99 48.21 42.79 53.05 0.54 0.09
Hockey 145 -5.11 -24.61 -22.24 44.44 -0.56 0.07
Baseball 52 -8.23 -15.13 -12.83 46.00 -0.60 0.55
Football 309 -8.97 -103.07 -83.18 46.71 -1.58 0.86
Overall 1,245 -2.85 -122.98 -106.57 49.88 -1.01 0.70

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I am a 47 year old sports fanatic! I was born in Atlanta , GA. So, I know how it feels to lose a couple games! I'm a die hard Braves, Falcons, bulldogs(UGA), Hawks and former thrasher and flames fan! Yes we did have pro hockey at one point and yes they both lost more than they won! I am currently an amateur handicapper but looking to move up to the Major Leagues soon! I know I am better than flipping a coin. Every year a professional sports team has new personnel and so I analyze my picks each week on real stats and match ups with the opposing team! I hope my careful dissection of each game helps . Good luck to all you gamblers! But, if you want less of a Gamble you will check me out each week!

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