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8/1/21 - Last day on Pickmonitor. To see my complete record on Pickmonitor, click on You can buy picks on or or from me directly at Eppley Sports. You can also just click the link at the top of my profile page.

Exclusive private service available to returning members. I'll also consider new members if they are seasoned bettors who bet a minimum of $300 per game. This service will guarantee you get the same line as me on every game in college and pro basketball. Closed, maximum amount reached. More details here Exclusive Private Service

How to determine if a handicapper's record is based on luck or skill?

What does ROI actually mean, and how to use it to determine what bet size is needed to make a living betting on sports

5/8/21 - Reached 8K non-correlated picks with a 1.5% ROI. Most effective units (eU) won with 363.5. You won't find anyone online anywhere with a better documented record.

12/19/20 - Reached 7K non-correlated picks and a 1.43% ROI. So had you joined me about a year ago in November 2019 when I reached 5K picks and a 1.5% ROI, you would have made $2860 per $100 bet. A $500 bettor would have made $14,300. It's not luck or coincidence, my ROI has been between 1.3% and 1.5% for years now. You will not find anyone with a better long-term documented record. Stop wasting time with social media guys claiming they are pro's - none of them are. Stop wondering if the guy with a 20% ROI after 300 picks can maintain it - none of them can. In the long-run, all of them lose. That's why they won't document their picks on a legitimate third-party site. The few brave souls who do, all end up with losing records. The very few pro's who actually win long-term are not posting picks anywhere online. So you're extremely lucky to have found the only one who is. Come join me and start winning like a pro.

2/21/20 - I'm the only person on Pickmonitor with 6K picks and a 1% ROI. Search anywhere for a legitimate documented record with 6K picks and you won't find anyone with a record better than mine. That's why other "handicappers " either don't show their long-term record or they use some social media site (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc) where they can lie about their record. As good as my record is, it will actually get better with more picks. When you want to experience long-term winning, get a year long or season long subscription.

11/13/19 - I'm the only person on Pickmonitor with over 5K picks and a 1.5% ROI. Nobody else is above 1% ROI with at least 5K picks. I've been winning for decades. Read my blog for more info. I use predictive math models that are built with statistics which have a proven correlation to determining winning percentages. I can compare my lines/prices to those offered at sportsbooks. A proven math model, an understanding of rest and travel, and knowing how to determine motivation of teams are essential to long-term winning. Send me an email when you want to experience winning like a pro.

7/23/19 - I'm the only person on Pickmonitor with over 4K picks and over 1% ROI. If you're looking for short-term lucky streaks or a bunch of hype and advertising, then you have plenty of choices. Of course you will lose money with all of them. But if you want long-term profits, you won't find anyone better. Go ahead and search the internet for anyone with at least 4K picks and a better record than mine (on a site picks can't be deleted, not twitter or other social media). If you happen to find someone, I'd suggest you sign up with them immediately. But when you realize there's nobody better, send me an email to join me.

2019 Baseball Spreadsheet with a theoretical 10K starting bankroll and using Kelly Criterion to recalculate betting amounts daily. Baseball record on PM doesn't reflect adjustment in betting amounts because it just takes too much time. Also, pitching changes are graded as a loss or a win instead of No Action on PM. Therefore, the spreadsheet mirrors my actual baseball results. 2019 Baseball Season Results +11.4 units, 1.75% ROI.

2020 Baseball Season 135-102, +9.96 units, 8.41% ROI.

Any questions: [email protected]

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