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Baseball 737 3.65 162.37 80.67 54.62 1.04 0.27
Football 410 1.39 30.59 17.06 50.12 0.27 0.38
Basketball 899 -5.05 -270.93 -136.24 47.73 -1.54 0.82
Hockey 373 -9.31 -213.06 -104.2 46.34 -1.88 0.96
Overall 2,419 -2.03 -291.03 -147.62 50.04 -1.03 0.66

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We are the Sports Guys that followed Pro Sports our entire life. My specialty is NFL. I'm one of the best at NFL trends and great with upset winners! I am also no stranger to NBA and MLB, hitting best bet plays regularly.

I’m not one of these guys that just picks a game to pick at least one a day. I will wait to give you the edge. If you are patient and want to invest in the long run I am what you're looking for. If you want to play 10 games a day and stress over it with no sleep, find someone else.

I look for certain things when I make a play and if they hit at least 7 out of 10 on my trend system it's a great play. If none of them hit 7 out of 10 on any given day I don’t mind passing it up. NBA will have plays daily because it is easy for me to figure out, especially after all-star break when I hit my highest percentage of all. An example of a trend might be a star player on back-to-back games in a big city might want to party a little, which causes him to not perform as well as he can! I follow everything for you. I want you to win as often as you can! I don’t give out my secrets, but who cares at least you are winning! Remember one thing, it’s not supposed to be fun, if you’re having fun it’s not an investment!

One of the BEST unknowns in the business with 1000's of followers and second to none in NFL the "Ace"himself. The very popular Money Mikey gives you top MLB selections from one of the best MLB guys around, ask anyone. He tripled our clients once he came aboard with his amazing winners. He also has Great winning streaks in NCAA Sports! Don't forget Top Shelf Nick, one of the best in the business in NBA, still with us, helping you win again this season. Finally the College Guru will be guiding you through the NCAA season with a winning touch! By having separate experts for each sport they can focus on one thing and not get confused or lose their touch.

We also give you an idea of which way the betting lines will swing. This gives you a huge advantage and a better chance of winning. By giving you this option you can decide to bet it now or wait for better odds later. Our guys are pretty accurate with this and it will get you a few extra wins along the way.

I am one of four expert handicappers that work here at Line Beaters and my Sports knowledge is second to none!

Thanks and enjoy,

"ACE" LB Team

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