Completed Picks. 85.26% followable.

Baseball 30 5.62 5.88 5.06 53.33 0.30 0.34
Hockey 23 -1.32 -1.02 -0.91 52.38 -0.06 0.18
Fighting 23 -42.82 -82.81 -29.54 31.82 -2.67 0.86
Overall 95 -16.36 -67.16 -46.62 50.00 -1.59 0.61

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Proud owner of Pick Monitor since October 2017, first advice I have for you is to NOT follow my picks ! I simply pick games I will watch in order to get the same experience as you and finding new way to improve PM.

If you have ideas on how we can bring Pick Monitor to another level just hit me up!

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