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Football 482 5.33 139.56 77 52.10 1.21 0.79
Baseball 1,011 4.70 256.96 142.58 54.79 1.55 0.34
Basketball 2,301 -2.51 -376.76 -173.06 49.85 -1.37 0.06
Hockey 125 -12.30 -89.88 -46.14 48.39 -1.49 0.90
Fighting 1 -100.00 -5 -3 0.00 -0.63 0.00
Overall 3,920 -0.31 -75.12 -37.04 51.32 -0.22 0.02

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2:10PM Pittsburgh Pirates (J. Musgrove) vs Minnesota Twins (J. BERRIOS) - 1st Half
UNDER 5.5 (1st Half) -120
2:07pm Risked 6 units to win 5
WL%ROIPick Type
5324384.74MLB Baseball
22016711.92MLB Baseball over/under

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7/24/20 - Full time MLB once again, lets be safe everyone. Keep working.



Back this season in MLB and I am full-go. Goal is to execute the best plays and establishing foundations in wake of Supreme court ruling to ban sports wagering as illegal. Good luck everyone. Time for focused insight and skill.


Ill keep focused on mainly NCAAB markets till end of March Madness. Appreciate the support, as it gives me motivation to stay steady on +EV evaluations day to day. Im one to trust, as my goal is to strive to improve and adapt continuously to the markets. Email me at [email protected] for inquiries. THANK YOU


Student of the game, advanced projection theorist and life-long sports researcher. Retired from dominating fantasy sports market after 10 yrs, hope to make a successful career in sports wagering and establish myself as the BEST.

Grateful to win a ton, and have to be thankful to lose on bad beats or just straight up wrong completely, BECAUSE, one thing is certain, I learn better than most and will create the system that speak volumes. It will come.


After years of tracking every angle and learning all the ins and outs with the markets, through all the wins and big pitfalls we have all encountered. Ive come to the point of knowing and self realization what has to be done on a regular basis to generate efficient high end +Expected Value outcomes. Its been over 5 years of thorough research and studying constantly. My graphs here have shown how far ive come. Thanks Patrick and Michael for giving me the platform to do what I was designed to do. Break down the most volatile and sophisticated system/market out there in the world. Im ever evolving, and thats what it takes. My goal is to be clearly the best, It will be done.

Thank you all! I appreciate everything the world have taught me.

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